Top Five Most Amazing Treks to do Before You Die

Top Five Most Amazing Treks to do Before You Die

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The top five most amazing treks to do before you die feature lush surroundings and unspoiled beauty. A few secluded, low-key areas have not experienced the heavy tourist traffic inflicted on other popular locales. Uncover cheap international flights to any of the dream destinations listed below using careful research and a lot of patience.

Pakistan – Darkot Pass
Skimming the Swat and Kohistan Valley in Pakistan, Hindu Raj is the third range of the Hindukush Mountains. Darkot Pass takes you through the Yarkhun Valley into the tourist area of Hunza. The walk is relatively easy and stunning scenery provides plenty of photo opportunities. Visit the area between April and June, known as the local summer season. December through March is bitterly cold, while July through November marks the monsoon season. Heavy rains during this period make travel impossible.

Tibet – Pethang Ringmo
Separate from the maddening crowd and explore the third mountain face of Everest. Few climbers have ventured to Kangshung. Pethang Ringmo path takes you past noteworthy sites like Karma Valley. At 14,000 feet, the forest is one of the highest in the world. The trail also offers expansive views of Everest and Chomo Lonzo mountain ranges. Guided tours are available, but you must arrange for transport to Tibet. Look for cheap international flights through Nepal as a cost saving measure.

Greenland – Polar Route
Set aside 10 days for the 100 mile Polar Route. Once used exclusively for snowmobiles, the trek connects a defunct United States (US) military base with the world’s northernmost shipping port. Grass and mushroom fields give way to flowing streams. Huts ranging from simple wood cabins to heated buildings provide free nightly accommodations. Reservations are not required. For a surreal experience, listen to the sounds of glaciers cracking in the bay.

Ethiopia – Simien Mountain Trail
A plethora of wildlife thrives within the Simien Mountain National Park. Multiple stone columns and gorges dot the 83-mile journey. Gelada baboons mingle among human guests, while giant vultures coast through the sky. Certain sections of the mountain are home to walia ibex, a member of the goat family. Amhara tribe members offer an eye opening view on history as the first Africans to resist European attempts at colonization. Park guides offer basic information, and most are non-English speakers. Hire a private local guide for additional piece of mind. The trip can be grueling and water sources become extremely difficult to find.

France – Pyrenees Traverse
Pyrenees Traverse connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The route is popular among locals looking to avoid tourist traffic. Small town hospitality occasionally interrupts scenic mountain beauty. Dormitories and huts provide simple overnight accommodations, while towns offer delicious cuisine. Lower elevation equals minimal acclimation issues.

As we become an increasingly global society, very few corners of the world remain a mystery. Hurry to see the listed locations before they become tourist traps. Airlines offer cheap international flights to every corner of the globe.

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  1. Elizabeth Bird

    I am hoping to do the second one on an upcoming trip. Thanks for sharing, always good to have new things to add to the bucket list!

    1. The Ethiopian one is my favourite but I would have to shoot Ms Working Traveller with a tranquilizer dart to get her on any of these treks.

  2. jack

    If you go to Pakistan, arent you afraid of local guerrilas, is it dangerous?

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