Touts and Hasslers We Love to Hate: Give Me Dollar Boy

Walking home after a day handing out money to beggars and buying yet more bloody postcards from small children, Give Me Dollar Boy is the final straw.

Where found

Modus Operandi
Give Me Dollar Boy didn’t connive some cunning plan to meet you on that dark street. You just happened to be a Westerner on the same spot of street at the same time as him. You have money, he doesn’t and, this being a communist country, surely that’s not right. At 14 he hasn’t yet mastered the charm or enterprise required to earn your cash so he just demands it: “Give me dollar”

Why we hate them
Fourteen year old children on drugs aren’t everyone’s idea of fun, and if he can say “Give me dollar” in English, he can say “please.”

Are they really so bad
Yep, they can get quite nasty and threaten your girlfriend too.

How to get rid
He is probably smaller than you or I, so just threaten to thump the little brat.

Nuisance Rating
4 out of 5

Image courtesy CarbonNYC

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