Getting followed by hostel touts

Touts and Hasslers we Love to Hate: The Follower

New in town, you know where you want to stay and have shook off the Meeter & Greeters. Only problem is you still have to get to your choice of accommodation and… Is that guy following us?

Where found
Attached to you like a leech.

Modus Operandi
Unlike the Meeter & Greeter, the Follower doesn’t work for any one place, he works for everyone and no one. Alongside you at first, then a few steps behind once you have made it clear you don’t want his help, he will take you to any hotel you want, even if you get there first.

Why we hate them
You have just walked a mile with heavy bags in hundred plus heat to find this place and the little swine nips ahead of you and informs the hostel staff that he brought you there, instantly bumping up your room price.

Are they really so bad
Yes, unlike the meeter and greeter he won’t take no for an answer and has no discernable use whatsoever.

How to get rid
Swear at him, order him off the bus, curse, threaten and be as rude and unfriendly as you can. None of this will work but you will feel better for it once enclosed within the safety of your (now more expensive) room.

Nuisance Rating
4 out of 5

Photo courtesy of arileu

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