Touts and Hasslers we Love to Hate: The Rude Fat Kid

Touts and Hasslers we Love to Hate: The Rude Fat Kid

It started innocently enough. A few children were hanging around the school gates waiting to go home when a coach load of foreigners pulled up outside that pile of old ruins next door and, without even being asked, handed out money and sweets to the kids just for looking cute. What nice people, the children thought and wondered, if they hung around tomorrow, if it would happen again?

Where found

Wherever children live or go to school near major tourist sites visited by rich tourists that don’t know any better.

Modus Operandi

Money and sweets is their birthright. They hang around munching junk food bought with cash from the previous bunch of suckers that passed by and now it’s your turn to give.

Why we hate them

What do I look like, a bank for fat spoilt brats? Though you may be in a poor country where a fair amount of the people earn a few dollars a day that doesn’t mean these kids are poor. In a country where excess calories are hard to come by handing out money to the fattest rudest child for 500 miles ain’t gonna happen.

Are they really so bad

His clever daddy saved all those tourist dollars from since he was far younger than the demanding brat with his hand out in front of you. With the saved cash he bought a carpet shop and spoils his boy rotten. Yet the kid still wants more?

How to get rid

You don’t. Just put up with their derision and get away from whatever attraction you’ve just visited as quickly as possible. Alternatively, act like a grown up adult and tell them off.

Nuisance Rating

3 out of 5

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