Touts & Hasslers we Love to Hate: The Ungrateful Beggar

Touts & Hasslers we Love to Hate: The Ungrateful Beggar

It is not nice being poor. I wouldn’t want to have to beg. But if I did I would at least be grateful to people that gave me money just for stretching my arm. Wouldn’t you be too?

Where found

Any developing country, London, the USA, everywhere. Switzerland?

Modus Operandi

Walks, limps or hops up to you, stretches out hand and asks for money. When you give what you feel should be a reasonable amount (hey it’s free money, even I can eat three times today for that amount in this country) he looks insulted and wants more.

Why we hate them

Because we just gave away money. For free. We had to do something we hated in a place we didn’t want to be to get that pittance and the more I give to ingrates like you the sooner I will be back there.

Are they really so bad

No, not unless you’re very right wing? Most normal people, I hope, don’t dislike people for simply being poor and homeless.

How to get rid

Pull out a bigger note and ask for the smaller note back. When he hands it over expecting the bigger note, pocket both and walk away. However, remember something made you give to this beggar out of the hundreds you’ve probably already ignored or avoided (the missing leg? Lack of health care, social security and work options in this country?) so it might be nice to hand him back your original offering.

Nuisance Rating

2 out of 5

Image courtesy Kamyar Adl

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