How Travel Bloggers Can Trade Advertising for Free Accommodation

How Travel Bloggers Can Trade Advertising for Free Accommodation

A lot of travel bloggers are chasing sponsored or press trips at the moment. Tour boards and travel businesses are increasingly aware of the benefits of arranging transport and accommodation for writers. In return most bloggers are happy to experience a new destination at little cost to them.

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  1. Suzy

    These are all great tips. I tend to go this route with advertising. I would rather get an experience out of their money than just the link on the sidebar. The email method usually works for me. I think the more you send out, the more likely you can get someone to sponsor your stay. I tend to point out in my emails my readership and hits. Advertisers love hits and Alexa.

    1. Some places work better than others. In eastern Turkey, for instance, most of the hotels seemed to be more aimed at businessmen. English wasn’t widely spoken (and our Turkish is nowhere near advanced enough) so our pitch had little effect. Once we hit the more touristy parts of the country – particularly where lots of hotels bring the numbers game into effect – we had a lot of success.

  2. Tony

    Such a helpful article! We are just starting to dig into this world of sponsored stays and trips and have already received discounts and free nights.

    I like how you clearly separate the advertising from the content as well, since that is something we are working on to make sure we stay as up front as possible with our readers.

    We are early into our adventure but have definitely found that the more flexible you are, the more willing hotels/tours are to fit you into an otherwise open spot.

    1. I do sometimes include links within relevant articles later on but by then these have become our own recommendations rather than part of any trade arrangement. Nevertheless, like you, I think it is best to be as upfront as possible and tend to still put a disclaimer in.

  3. Nabeel

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  4. jack

    wow that hotel looks cool like mashrooms, magical!

    1. It does a little. Staying there beats staring at traffic lights for a magical mushroom experience too.

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