Traveller Hangouts: Bukit Lewang, Sumatra, Indonesia

Traveller Hangouts: Bukit Lewang, Sumatra, Indonesia

Surrounded by jungle and wedged between a river and a mountain, this one chicken town looks like it goes to bed at 8pm. You couldn’t be more wrong.

Very basic. If your room doesn’t come with a free cockroach, please ask at reception. Most hostels have a restaurant.

Getting around
With only one track running the length of the place, walking is the only way to get around other than flinging yourself into the river (if you’re heading downstream).

Things to do
Tubing (flinging yourself into the river on a fat inner tube), and trekking to see urangutans.

I’m afraid of water and hate monkeys. Anything else I can do?
The magic mushrooms are popular. Try them with an omelette or as a gritty orange drink.

It’s 3am and I want a beer. Can I get one here?
This place is jumping all night. The shops are still open but you may have to interupt the shopkeeper’s nap or card game.

Expats and locals
The locals are young and friendly, even flirtatious. They play guitars, are excellent linguists and never seem to sleep. The expats are thin.

Cost of living
Very cheap.

Stay a while?
I can imagine people getting lost here for ever. Opportunities for finding work are virtually non existant and crossing a border to renew a visa is not an easy option.

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