Traveller Hangouts: Corfu Town, Greece

Traveller Hangouts: Corfu Town, Greece

An attractive town, the capital of the island is a mixture of Venetian colonial architecture with English and French influences.

The airport and port are both walkable from most places in town. There isn’t a beach but swimming is possible at the lighthouse and from numerous little rocky outlets.

Getting around
Corfu TownThe town is walkable and there are plenty of taxis available. A tourist ‘train’ is also laid on if you want to be pointed at.

Things to do
Shopping, eating, drinking and strolling around. People watching at the Liston, a swanky arcaded bar built during the French occupation, is popular both with foreigners and locals.

I’m craving chocolate cake, ice cream and, after so long on the road, would love a traditional British sunday lunch. Any chance of that?
The town can be a bit dead on Sunday but Dassia, a twenty minute bus ride away, can provide all these things along with a popular beach.

The World is gripped by football fever and I want to watch my team win the World Cup / European Championship. Can I?
Hop on a bus and head for the big screen bars in Kavos or the other resorts on the island.

I want to wander around stripped to the waist and have multiple vodkas poured into my mouth in the ‘Dentist’s chair’. Any recommendations?
Don’t miss your transfer next time. Your rep in Kavos is wondering where you are.

Expats and locals
The Greeks like to dine and drink late with their family and friends. Good behaviour is assured as they never know if granny or the kids will saunter past the bar sometime after midnight. Expats are often Shirley Valentine types up from the resorts to do some shopping. Most local men are named Spiros.

Cost of living
Not cheap, it costs to even sit down in a restaurant – though they will give you some bread. Do not ask for more bread. Really, don’t do this.

Any chance of working?
It’s part of the EU so permits are not a problem for other Europeans. Most jobs are found out of town though, in the resorts, usually standing outside or behind a bar.

Stay a while?
Accommodation is mostly aimed at the well healed, but studio and student rooms can be had for €25 to 30 per night if you negotiate hard – those Greek landladies are no pushovers

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  1. hey i am a uni student and i have currently booked my ticket to corfu for just over a month over the summer i was woundering if you could point me in the right direction of places which is easy to find work with possible included occomadation a couple of my frineds have done this and it sound terrific i would be very glad of some help thankyou xx

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