The Evolution of the SmartWatch

Travelling with a Smart Watch

We often get asked to display infographics here and mostly we don’t but there were a few reasons why we liked this one. It reminded us of attempting to get our phone fixed recently. I couldn’t call our room number where we are staying in Chiang Mai.

We took it to AIS, the Thai mobile phone network we use. Our phone, bought five years ago last time we lived in this city, is all sorts of crap but it does two things: makes phone calls and creates a wifi hotspot to connect our iPod Touch.

It’s a bit of a cumbersome arrangement carrying around both but it’s about half the price of buying an iPhone. The AIS technician who tested our phone number did so via his smart watch. I don’t wear a watch and hadn’t wanted one before but his smart watch did look pretty cool, black and sleek, and aroused that primitive part of the brain that drove our ancestors to want a better stone tool and create civilisation.

I started to think of ways one would be useful until Probrand’s infographic landed in our inbox and did it for me. The infographic below is aimed at business travellers but could easily be relevant to flashpackers, digital nomads and people working in tourism too.

Smart Watch Infographic

We ate this week thanks to this post

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