TravelPhotoFacts: Cheap Vaccinations in Bangkok, Thailand

TravelPhotoFacts: Cheap Vaccinations in Bangkok, Thailand

Thanks to the Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute, Bangkok is a great place to top up on your vaccinations for travelling further afield in Southeast Asia or for future trips to other parts of the world. Even Brits with access to the NHS can find bargain jabs, while Americans can save a small fortune getting their injections in this efficient medical centre.

The first thing to do is to register with the hospital (20Thb) and have your blood pressure taken. After a quick consultation with the genial doctor you will pay for and collect your shots. Take these to the nurse to administer and the whole process can be over in less than an hour or so. We were vaccinated for Japanese Encephalitis (450Thb), Polio (700Thb) and Yellow Fever (1000Thb), plus an admin fee of 50Thb.

Afterwards newly immunized travellers can take a stroll around the Snake Farm and take a peek at the critters that may have provided the raw material for your vaccinations.

Cheap vaccinations in Bangkok

Further Information
The Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute can be found on the internet at Entrance to the Snake Farm is 200Thb for adults, 50Thb for children. At the time of writing £1 equalled around 50Thb.

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