TravelPhotoFacts: The Empire State Building, New York, USA

TravelPhotoFacts: The Empire State Building, New York, USA

Like most tourists to New York I visited the Empire State Building on my trip to New York. Unlike most tourists I haven’t been to the top. I stood in the queue until my impatience kicked in and instead followed a far shorter line down some steps and into what happily turned out to be the bar.

I don’t regret not taking a trip to the top. If anything I like the confused looks when I say I’ve been down the Empire State Building. The grand old building is ever present in the lives of New York’s citizens and visitors in their progress around the city, and can be used to tell one apart from the other. While New Yorkers press on undistracted by the icon, the tourists give themselves away with their frequent upward glances.

Empire State Building, New York

Further Information

Observation deck tickets are available from for $32. Children aged 6 to 12 pay $26, while tickets for seniors over 62 are $29. The impatient can jump the queue for $55.

Image courtesy david_shankbone

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    1. Shane

      If you can conqeuer your fear of heights I should have been able to put up with a queue. I am British after all.

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