#TravelTuesday: Bitten by the Travel Bug

#TravelTuesday: Bitten by the Travel Bug

Tagline: Have you been Bitten?

Founded when the editor was researching information on working at an American summer camp, Bitten by the Travel bug is accelerating its development into a resource aimed at exploring other cultures and ‘quirky places visitors often overlook.’ Regular features often revolve around the ‘bug’ theme such as Stumble Bug Sunday and Travel Bug Tuesday.

Started: January 2010

Sample posts
Summer Camp Notes: The Day Vegemite was Banned
I actually like London…
“You’re too young to be a travel blogger.”

Bitten by the Travel Bug's Nicole Blaess-SmithBehind the blog: Describing herself as a disgruntled journalism student keen to travel the world, Nicole Blaess-Smith is a passionate linguist from Adelaide where she holds down at least three jobs as well as studying for her degree.

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Bite with a Blogger: Bitten by the Travel Bug @ Aussie on the Road
Saturday Showcase – Bitten By The Travel Bug @ BackpackerBanter.com

Nationality: Australian

Guest posting: Doesn’t accept guest posts at the moment but is open to collaborative posts
Link X: Yes
Post schedule: Currently a flurry of daily posts punctuated by occasional gaps of a week or two but is showing signs of settling into its rhythm.

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  1. Nicole

    Thank you for including me in your travel tuesday feature (and I apologise for not thanking you sooner!)

    I’ll be settling into a steady posting rhythm from Jan1 – just trying to get plenty of content out there before I’m put on a time constraint by travelling!

    1. Happy to include you. It is difficult to keep a strict posting routine from the road – there are just too many unknowns to take into account

    1. Shane

      Hi Chris, I’m resizing all our photos so I assume that’s why you got a very delayed ping. We are not doing this feature anymore but if it makes a comeback I’ll bare you in mind. How about answering some questions or providing some tips on teaching in Korea?

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