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#TravelTuesday: Chicky Bus

Tagline: Finding yourself off the beaten path.

Reflecting the Middle Eastern origins of Chicky Bus’s initial post, the site intends to be a cyber space Bedouin lounge. Spirituality and self discovery are common themes and, though not restricted to those regions, the Middle East and Latin America are prominently featured. And, while touching on serious subjects, the dilemmas and moral questions posts are good fun and generate plenty of discussion.

Started: August 4, 2010

Sample posts
Morals and Ethics of Travel Photography: When Shouldn’t You Take That Photo?

SWF in Syria (2): Torn Between Two Husbands

Dialog in the Dark: Journey Into Blind Awareness

Chicky Bus Travel BlogBehind the blog: Lisa Egle, who answers comments on Chicky Bus as CB Driver, used to work in the corporate world before a spur of the moment decision in Ecuador led to her current incarnation as an ESL professor. She has taught English in Barcelona, Quito and China. Lisa is currently looking for a publisher for her memoirs, a collection of short stories that takes riders on the Chicky Bus to locations around the world.

Learn more at:
Meet the Nomads: Lisa Egle
@ Flipnomad

Nationality: American

Guest posting: Welcomed from other travellers Lisa interacts with on Twitter as long as they reflect the Chicky Bus philosophy of traveling off the beaten path and into a place of self discovery.
Link X:
Yes, but again only with other independent travellers Lisa knows from Twitter.
Post schedule:
Around once a week.

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2 comments to #TravelTuesday: Chicky Bus

  • Lisa @chickybus  says:

    Thanks so much for such a wonderful feature here! I’m honored to be among those you’ve profiled and I’m really impressed with your perception and understanding of my site and its mission. Fantastic job on all the profiles–including mine. Thanks again!

    • The Working Traveller  says:

      Thanks Lisa. I enjoyed exploring your site. Your Dilemmas posts in particular are excellent.

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