#TravelTuesday: Eileen Barish’s Monastery Lodging Blog

#TravelTuesday: Eileen Barish’s Monastery Lodging Blog

Tagline: Heavenly Accommodations at Sinfully Low Rates

Sometimes a trip can be made by the accommodation and this blog focuses on interesting rooming options in Britain, France, Spain and Italy. The blog is a great example of a niche travel site and revolves around author Eileen Barish’s books, highlighting often centuries old monasteries, retreat houses and convents overseen by monks and nuns.

Started: December 2009

Sample posts
Brittany’s Seascapes, Extraordinary Tides Exemplify the Monastery’s Milieu
Fans of the Bronte sisters, poet Sylvia Plath and artist David Hockney can stay in a Georgian Retreat House and visit the nearby towns where these artisans are immortalized
Want to visit Spain for 20 Euros a night?

Eileen Barish’s Monastery Lodging BlogBehind the blog: Eileen Barish is a multiple award winning author specialising in travel guides to lodging in monasteries and travelling with pets. Her books have been reviewed by over 1500 publications and she is a contributing columnist to national magazines including Newsweek and National Geographic Traveller.

Nationality: American.

Guest posting: Accepted.
Link X: No links page but there is a small Blogroll section.
Post schedule: Irregular. No more than once a month, often less.

Stats: (as of October 2011)
Alexa – 4,658,716
Page Rank – 2
Twitter Followers – 2,006
Klout Score – 42
Peer Index – 12

URL: http://eileenbarish.net/
RSS Feed: http://eileenbarish.net/?feed=rss2
Email Updates: via form on website
Books: Several including Lodging In Italy’s Monasteries; Best Spas USA; Vacationing With Your Pet

Advertising: Eileen promotes her own books so no other advertising appears on the site and there is no advertising page.

Twitter – @eileeneeo
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/EileenBarish
Linkedin – http://www.linkedin.com/in/ebarish

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