#TravelTuesday: Foxnomad

#TravelTuesday: Foxnomad

Tagline: Travel smarter

The travel smarter tagline is apt: there are some incredibly clever tips for using science to solve common travel problems and travellers with laptops and other electronic gear will benefit from the author’s advanced computer literacy.  That said, this is by no means a travel website just for geeks. It can take some time to realise you are actually learning something outside of travel but by then it is too late – you’re sucked in and happy to be so.

Started: June 2007 as Foxnomad but origins extend back to Summer 2006.

Sample posts
How To Use Thermodynamics And Light To Get What You Want When Traveling (And Everywhere Else)

Is Traveling In Northern Iraq Safe?
Traveling Behind The Borders Of Islam

Foxnomad Travel BlogBehind the blog: Anil Polat is a digital nomad travelling the world indefinitely with the ambition of visiting every country on the planet. He’s a former computer hacker (the good kind, he tells us) and Anthropology graduate with a background split between Turkey and the USA.

Learn more at:
The History of Foxnomad
Nomadic Interviews: Anil Polat the Fox Nomad
@ Never Ending Voyage
Interview with Anil Polat from foXnoMad
@ Fresh Roads

Nationality: Turkish

Other sites by Anil Polat:
How to Travel With Pets
Travel Blog Advice
Tech Guide For Travel

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Three times a week.

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