#TravelTuesday: Suzy Guese

#TravelTuesday: Suzy Guese

Tagline: Traveling with a redheaded sentiment

A personality driven blog, Suzy Guese centres around ranting, people, travel tips and places: mostly Europe, in particular Italy, and the USA. Suzy’s social media savyness shows in the clever Suzy Stumbles feature which combines Twitter, StumbleUpon and focused commenting on other websites.

Started: January 2010 (domain registered)

Sample posts
Curing the Solo Travel Loneliness Monster

Travel Lessons From a 5,000 Year Old Iceman
When Humanity Takes Flight

Suzy GueseBehind the blog: Denver based Suzy took her first flight aged three months and grew up in a family accustomed to travelling around Europe and the US. After learning and earning a degree in Italian, including frequent study in Italy – in Florence and Sicily – she now writes for several online publications.

Learn more at:
Interview with Suzy Guese of SuzyGuese.com
@ GoSeeWrite
Green with website envy-The Feisty Redhead from SuzyGuese.com @ Cynthia Ord
An Interview With Suzy Guese – Traveling with a Redheaded Temperament @ Go! Overseas

Nationality: American

Guest posting: The voice of the site almost exclusively belongs to the author but guest writing seems to be sometimes accepted.

Link X: Yes

Post schedule: Varies slightly week to week but three to four times a week seems typical.

Stats: (as of July 2011)
Alexa – 129,202
Page Rank – 4
Twitter Followers – 2,683
FaceBook Likes – 343
Klout Score – 52
Peer Index – 39

URL: http://suzyguese.com/
RSS Feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/suzyguese/sZsr
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Email – suzy (at) suzyguese (dot) com
Twitter – @suzyguese
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/SuzyGuese

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  1. Suzy

    Thanks so much for featuring me here!

    1. You’re welcome. We don’t get many comments on this site (not sure why – I’ll put finding out on my To Do list) but I know I’ll always get at least one if I submit an article to your wonderful Suzy Stumbles feature. I just wanted you to know your hard work is appreciated.

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