#TravelTuesday: The Traveller World Guide

#TravelTuesday: The Traveller World Guide

Tagline: Your ultimate guide to balancing tequila and tourism

If someone gave you this site as a book it would be splattered in alcohol, pizza stains and perhaps a little bit of blood. Starting out as many blogs do to document a RTW trip, The Travellers World Guide continues to function as a repository of travel tips, guest posts, world photos and ramblings often amusingly illustrated with face pulling and professionally scrawled cartoons.

Started: Officially started in January 2010.

Sample posts
The Crazy Guy from New Zealand
The Things I Love About Home: A Paint Photo Essay, Part 1
Around the World * Siem Reap, Cambodia: My Bus Blew Up?

Lindsay HoggBehind the blog: Though the site contains the ramblings of Mike Argyle the main creative force behind The Traveller World Guide is Lindsay Hogg. From Ontario, she is an arts graduate who used to work for Yahoo! Canada and in the event industry before she took off to see the world; taking in Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Mexico, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, China and New Zealand.

Learn more at:
I am Canadian and This is How I Roll
Ten Things You Never Knew About Me
Traveler Spotlight – Random Q’s with The Traveller World Guide @ Living the Dream
Lucky 13 Questions @ GoSeeWrite

Nationality: Canadian

Other sites by Lindsay Hogg or Mike Argyle:
ChickenChunk (Lindsay Hogg)
I Loves Cheese – coming soon (Lindsay Hogg)

Guest posting: Yes
Link X: Yes, but give a description of your site.
Post schedule: Pretty regular: can be up to four times a week.

Stats: (as of November 2011)
Alexa – 187,774
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Twitter Followers – 2,895
Klout Score – 55
Peer Index – 46

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Email – info@thetravellerworldguide.com
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