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#TravelTuesday: Trains on the Brain

Tagline: Save yourself the pain and travel by train

Forget the strain of flashing your naked body to airport staff before cramming it into a tiny seat in a gravity defying, airtight tin box and travel in a civilised manner by rail. Unlike blogs covering travel with broader strokes, Trains on the Brain devotes its attention to consumer issues, history and infrastructure as well as personal experiences and, as one would expect, dwells on the journey over the destination.

Started: July 2009

Sample posts
Canadian Via Rail Business Class Review: what’s train travel in Canada like?
The Caledonian Sleeper train: London to Edinburgh overnighter Review
The Tazara Railway: Train Travel through Tanzania & Malawi

Jools Stone, Trains on the BrainBehind the blog: Edinburgh based Jools Stone left his cubicle for the last time in August 2010 having developed an almost perfect background for a blogger with experience in  marketing, copywriting, social media and freelance journalism.

Learn more at:
Right On Track: Talking Train Travel with Jools Stone @ Inspiring Travellers
Meet Jools Stone…Our “Facebook Fan of the Month” @ yTravelBlog

Nationality: British

Other sites by Jools Stone:
Jools Stone, Edinburgh Writer

Guest posting: Yes
Link X: Links on homepage only. Some links exchanged but mostly recommendations.
Post schedule: Can be three times a week or once or twice every one or two weeks.

Stats: (as of November 2011)
Alexa – 286,173
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Klout Score – 54

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