Turkish Expat & Travel Bloggers

Turkish Expat & Travel Bloggers

Expats in Turkey are particularly active bloggers. Some of these blogs I know well, others were discovered while researching this post. They range from inane yet entertaining fluff detailing personal insights into the minutiae of living in a particular town to thoughtful, in-depth political discourse or all-encompassing guides to the Turkish nation.

If you are a travel blogger based in Turkey, expat or otherwise, or know a good Turkish travel resource, please tell us more in the comments below.

Turkish Travel Blog
Last Friday’s  interviewee, Natalie combines her passions of the internet and Turkey. A Didim resident she blogs about the country as a whole and is one of Turkey’s most widely read bloggers.
www.turkishtravelblog.com / @turkishtravel

Perking the Pansies
An escapee from London to Bodrum with his partner Liam, Jack blogs sharp concise observations of the life of two gay middle aged men in a Muslim country. Sadly, it looks like Jack and Liam are soon to return to the UK but you can find out more about their lives in Bodrum on Friday as Jack is our next interviewee in our Why I Live in… series.
www.perkingthepansies.com / @Jackscottbodrum

Turkeys for Life…
Biased information on what to do in Fethiye (and elsewhere in Turkey) by two visitors to Turkey who, despite their intentions, never returned home.
www.turkeysforlife.com / @turkeysforlife

Archers of Okçular
Rural Turkish living in a farming village near Ortaca, in Muğla province. Alan is another forthcoming interviewee in our Why I Live in… series.
www.archersofokcular.com / @ArchersOfOkcula

Captivating Cappadocia
Berlin born American, Duke Dillard moved with his large family to Cappadocia in 2011. Duke aims to use his blog to highlight more than just the surface tourism usually seen by visitors to the region.
www.captivatingcappadocia.com / @captcappadocia

Turkey from the Inside
Author and guidebook editor Pat Yale moved to Turkey in 1998 to renovate a Cappadocian cave-house in Göreme. She also writes for Today’s Zaman newspaper. Her blog, covering personal observations on all of Turkey, forms just part of her comprehensive website.
www.turkeyfromtheinside.com / @patyale

Frequently savage commentary from a former US based political consultant who, when not blogging, complains, gets involved in consumer disputes, eats, drinks, analyses data, rearranges carpets and plots revenge.
www.carpetblog.typepad.com / @carpetblogger1

GlamourGranny Travels
Inka doesn’t confine her travels or her residence to Turkey but she lives and blogs from the country for at least part of each year.
www.glamourgrannytravels.com / @lilygogo

Totally Beyhude
English teacher Liam Murray’s attractively presented musing and observations on living in Istanbul.
www.totallybeyhude.blogspot.com / @totallybeyhude

Arse About Fez
Since 2006 this excellent blog has been passing off caustic observations and random Turkish obscenities as an Englishman’s guide to Turkish culture.
www.arseaboutfez.blogspot.com / @arseaboutfez

Turkeywithstuffin’s Blog
Kym Ciftci owns and edits a magazine about Turkey and has been living on the Bodrum Peninsular for around seven years.
www.turkeywithstuffin.wordpress.com / @ciftcitfw

The Notorious M.E.G. Blogs
Meg is Gadling blogger, rabid traveller and Istanbul expat from NYC. Her blog is a combination of her travels around the world and the internet and the lessons learned when leading a life in another country.
www.thenotoriousmeg.com / @thenotoriousmeg

Slowly by Slowly
A road trip through a Turkish-American marriage with backseat driving Karagöz puppets used as a foil for a discussion on cross cultural relationships in Turkey.

Stories from Turkey
A Kansas boy living in Istanbul. Aaron works as a language coach.
www.storiesfromturkey.com / @aarongmyers

Ayak’s Turkish Delight
A serial home mover, having lived in different areas of Turkey, Ayak is a retired social worker who moved from England in 1998 and married her Turkish husband in 1999.

Back to Bodrum
Aims to catch sight of past Turkey through the experience of re-settling in modern Bodrum after many years absence.

Pul Biber (with Everything)
Ashley Perryman and Hilary Sklar, a retired married couple, having spent many holidays in Turkey (including motorcycling from the UK on their honeymoon) retired to Kuşadası and this blog details their adventures there.

Ellen in Turkey
Ellen is an American professional opera singer living in Antalya.
www.elleninturkey.com / @elleninturkey

The Skian Gates
Catherine Yiğit is a Dublin born expat living near the ancient city of Troy.
www.skaiangates.com / @yazarc

Antalya Living
Billy Watson’s information portal and blog about life in Antalya. He travels around the region making videos and also sell property.
www.antalyaliving.com / @antalyaliving

Adventures in Ankara
Musings of a Philadelphia lawyer who quit her day job and moved to Ankara.
www.adventuresinankara.com / @tjbh13

Istanbul’s Stranger
Ruminations of an accidental expatriate.

My Turkish Joys
A blog about cooking, eating, living and travelling in Turkey and other foodie destinations by a professional pastry chef.
www.myturkishjoys.blogspot.com / @MyTurkishJoys

Istanbul Through My Eyes
A photo each day of Istanbul.
www.istanbulstreets.wordpress.com / @istanbul_photo

Turkish Muse
After falling for Turkey at aged 16, Barbara J Isenberg  moved with her husband to Istanbul in 2007.
www.turkishmuse.com / @BarbaraIsenberg

Earth Laughs in Flowers
Kerry Arslan is a housewife living her life in Turkey. There’s plenty of practical stuff amongst the ramblings and Kerry keeps an eye on the writings of other Turkey based bloggers in her Turkish Blogs Round Up.

Being Koy
A journal of life amongst the 600 inhabitants of Kirazli Koy, a village near Kuşadası.

Tarts in Turkey
Two Texans move to Istanbul.

A Seasonal Cook in Turkey
A foodie blog.

Adana Adventures
Jake Olson aims to make Adana Adventures the number one English language source for information about Adana.
www.adanaadventures.com / @jakedolson

Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide
Roving Jay uses her blog to encourage travellers and holidaymakers to get off the beaten track, hop on public transport, and explore beaches, villages and towns not normally part of the standard holiday itinerary.

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  1. Natalie

    Thanks for including me and making this great list. Bookmarked for easy access and some new ones there for me to get to know as well

    1. No problem. I found your site minutes before I was due to post – glad to have included you and looking forward to exploring your site further.

  2. liam murray

    indeed thanks for adding me too! a great website you have here, i might have a poke around…

    1. I hope you do. I was a little pushed for my deadline when I put this list together so only had time for a quick look around your site.

      I returned again today (again, not for as long as I would like) and perhaps have done you a disservice in highlighting only the style of your site without focusing more on the notable substance.

  3. Turkey's For Life

    Thanks for including us in your list. Much appreciated. You’re right, there’s a few of us Turkey bloggers about, aren’t there? 🙂

  4. Roving Jay

    I bought a house in Gumusluk, on the northern coast of the Bodrum Peninsula in 2008, and have had frequent pilgrimages to enjoy this delicious corner of Turkey! I’m an avid blogger, and have just celebrated the first year of my website/blog – the Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide.

    I like encouraging travelings and vacationers, to get off the beaten track, hop on public transport, and explore beaches, villages and towns, not normally part of the standard holiday itinerary.

    You can travel around the Peninsula in a day, but after 3 years of familiarizing myself with the area, I still feel like I’ve only just scratched the surface.

    Thanks for publishing a great resource list of Turkey related blogs, and it’d great if you’d include my site in your list.

    thanks, Roving Jay

    1. Hi Jay,

      Thanks for telling us more about your blog. I had only intended for new sites to be added to the comments but as you have included us in your blogroll I’ll make an exception and add you the the main post later today or tomorrow.

        1. Roving Jay

          Thanks for the exception – appreciate the link. Jay

  5. Kym Ciftci

    Hey there 🙂

    Just came across this online. Thank you for including me in the list and the others too. Quite a few there I have not seen before so, I will add them to my list of compulsive reading!

    Kym x

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