#TravelTuesday: Wandering Earl

#TravelTuesday: Wandering Earl

Tagline: The Life of a Permanent Nomad

A mix of destination posts, how to articles, travel philosophy and often simple, yet very practical advice make up Wandering Earl. The goodness of human nature and the similarity in the hopes and dreams of people from otherwise different cultures are recurring themes. Answering all of the many comments and emails he receives, Wandering Earl betrays none of the jadedness, ego or cliqueness that can sometimes affect blogs by authors with a similar time (or less) spent on the road.

Started: August 2009.

Sample posts

Volunteering At Mother Teresa’s Home For The Dying
The Day US Customs Found A Bullet In My Pocket
When Tourism Goes Terribly Wrong

Wandering EarlBehind the blog: Twelve years and two days ago Derek Earl Baron was shooing away ladyboys on the Khao San Road after leaving home on a three month backpacking trip around Southeast Asia. Over seventy countries later he has earned the moniker Wandering Earl and a place on the US terrorism watch list for bringing home some Bin Laden sweets and a souvenir bullet from Afghanistan (see the story above). Earl’s working traveller credentials include a short stint as a Bollywood actor, volunteer work in India, teaching English in Thailand and as a tour manager on board cruise ships.

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Nationality: American

Other sites by Derek Earl Baron:
Go Kurdistan!

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