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It is with some amusement that I look through each year’s beginning of the year post where we outline what we intend to do in the coming days, weeks and months. With the hindsight of an additional 365 days added to the calendar I get to ask myself: “Just what did we actually do last year?”

The main task I set for myself last year didn’t take up anywhere near as much time as I thought it would. In fact it did not take any time at all because I didn’t do it. Our Free or Cheap Volunteer Work site is still the one hundred or so listings it was last year, so knocking into readable shape our shortlist of over 1000 NGOs and organisations is a task rolled over for 2016. Whether that shape is an ebook or an update and expansion of our current site is a decision still to be made.

The main thing we did do last year was redesign a couple of our websites for mobile friendliness. Both PAYAway and the Overseas Job Centre now get on with phones and tablets like old friends from school who don’t just keep in touch via social media but still see each other regularly for drinks.

The Overseas Job Centre will be taking centre stage again in the early months of 2016. We are trialling a new form of advertising where for a one off fee we provide a listing to advertisers guaranteeing a set number of click throughs for the year, upgrading their exposure where necessary with graphic advertising, Featured Jobs in JAB, or whatever else they need to get the maximum number of visitors to their sites. Recording and administering this effectively is the trick we need to get the hang of first and it is this task we will be practising up until Spring.

Hand in hand with this and finding interested advertisers will be growing the Jobs Abroad Bulletin. This is another job rolled over from 2015. Once again JAB ticked along nicely without us doing much in the way of promotion or encouraging advertisers but we feel this site has far more potential if we are able to put the hours into it. In the longer term we hope to do US and Australian versions.

With no mortgage and a low cost of living we live in comfortable poverty but funding our travels is getting harder so completing the tasks above will help us to make a better living from our sites. They are our way of working abroad and once we are on a firmer financial footing we will be able to turn our attention back to The Working Traveller.

We want to do more interviews, major features and bring through the many other ideas we have for TWT but for the foreseeable this site will remain on a bit of a hiatus. We are still posting everyday and visitor numbers suggest you like the certainty of our Tuesday to Sunday (except Friday) JobSpy post, the Monday Photo, and the reformat of our Workers of the World feature into a weekly column.

But I do enjoy doing much more and once the ebooks are written, JAB is expanded, and we have our ad sales figured out, The Working Traveller will once again get the majority of our attention.

This post reads very similar to last year’s and another similarity is our travel plans. Last year we opted to stay in Turkey to get more work done from the settled environment of a desk and reliable internet connection.

Next year our five year residence visa runs out so we either have to opt for the less attractive but more expensive one year residence visa or leave the country for 90 days every three months. A far better idea is to resurrect our plans for the end of last year and sod off to Southeast Asia again, this time for a year or two.

This won’t happen until the end of the year so, while we ourselves won’t be going anywhere for most of 2016, once again we hope something found via our sites helps you to make your own travel dreams come true this year.

Happy New Year,
Shane and Deirdre

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