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TWT Plans for 2015

It’s that time of year again where I have to change the date at the bottom of every page of all our sites. You can’t say it isn’t a varied job. Last year it went from 2013 to 2014 but this year, to keep things lively, we will swap every 2014 for a 2015.

It is just one of those little things that always need doing when you run a website or a blog. The task shouldn’t take long on the blogs (in fact, I notice it has happened automatically – woohoo) but back in the day before we eventually discovered Server Side Includes I had to change and reupload every webpage individually.

While this job isn’t the most fun, one I am looking forward to is writing the two ebooks we have planned. This will require a level of organisation hitherto not displayed in my life and I expect the task will take up most of the year.

The first ebook is essentially an update of our Free or Cheap Volunteer Work Abroad site. We have already compiled a shortlist of over 1000 NGOs and organisations – a big increase on the one hundred or so currently listed – that needs to be double checked for relevancy and accuracy, and put into a format far more interesting than a great big list.

I doubt our second planned guide to working abroad will be finished this year but again this revolves around the desire to reorganise and update another of our sites, the Overseas Job Centre. While both books will be sold much of the information will still be freely available elsewhere on our sites.

Before getting my head down and writing the ebooks I hope to expand our Jobs Abroad Bulletin. JAB has ticked along nicely as a newsletter and website for 15 years without us doing much in the way of promotion or encouraging advertisers. The feedback we get from both advertisers and readers is almost always very positive and this year we want to find even more great jobs for more readers.

A lot of this work I have been trying to do over the last few months but I keep being brought back to TWT. This site gets more regular attention than the others put together and while usually I do enjoy the work involved in keeping a blog running getting up a head of steam elsewhere is difficult when the next post needs doing.

I had thought of taking a complete break from The Working Traveller for a few months or just doing the Monday Photo and JobSpy sections. But like the rug that tied the room together in The Big Lebowski I feel TWT needs some original words once a week so instead I have scheduled a few help exchange type posts and am introducing a TravelPhotoFacts column to keep the site ticking over while I’m working elsewhere. The TravelPhotoFacts posts are recycled from another, less successful site we closed down recently but they should be new to everyone aside from the five or so people that read that site.

I’m sorry TWT will be getting a little less attention than usual but this site is just a part of what we do and I hope in the end time spent on these other projects will make for a much better organised set of sites with more coherent and useful content over all.

Travelwise, this year with so much to do it is better for us to stay at home in Turkey but hopefully by the end of the year we will be able to take another trip. We have run our business on the go plenty of times in the past but sometimes major tasks are better done somewhere settled, from a desk with a reliable internet connection, than perched on the end of a hostel bed.

While we won’t be going anywhere for most of 2015 I hope something found via our sites helps you to make your travel dreams come true this year.

Happy New Year,
Shane and Deirdre

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