#FF Ultimate Train Challenge

#FF Ultimate Train Challenge

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Typically more comfortable than buses and with far less of the increasing hassle it costs to fly, train travel is rated by anyone sensible as the best way to get around.

Aiming to break the world record for the longest train journey and raise money for the Da Nang Association of Agent Orange Victims, three participants set off on September 1on the Ultimate Train Challenge from Lisbon to Ho Chi Minh City.

Riding the rails at least once a day for a month without repeating a length of rail or returning to a country they have already left, the winner will be whoever reaches HCMC having racked up the most train miles.

The participants:

Michael Hodson – The organiser of the Ultimate Train Challenge, Michael is a former lawyer with previous when it comes to airplane avoidance. In 2008 he set of on a 16 month, 44 country world trip without once taking to the air.

Nora Dunn – The Professional Hobo has travelled by train through over a dozen countries.

Jeannie Mark – The Nomadic Chick quit her life as a corporate drone to explore the world and grow exponentially.

The event can also be followed via the hashtag #UTC11 and @trainchallenge.

The Ultimate Train Challenge from Lisbon to Saigon

Image courtesy of Lachlan

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