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Volunteer to Work on a Luxury Yacht for a Free Cruise Around the Greek Islands

Are you a Cook/housekeeper? Looking for a change and summer job? Well here’s an exciting possibility sent to our Jobs Abroad Bulletin website last week.

Joybringer is a luxury private motor yacht currently based around the Greek Ionian islands. The captain is inviting people to join the boat for a free cruise around the Greek islands. I was so tempted to apply for this myself.

There is a catch in that you will have to work for your keep but that shouldn’t be a problem to respectable working travellers. In exchange for your catering and housekeeping assistance you will get one of Joybringer’s cabins, food, and a modest salary. This could lead to a full time job for the right person.

More information can be found in the advert they sent to JAB or via their volunteer page.

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4 comments to Volunteer to Work on a Luxury Yacht for a Free Cruise Around the Greek Islands

  • Mounir  says:

    Demande. For application is job volinuteer i am is good travaille Telephone [removed by editor]

    • Shane  says:

      Application details are given in this post. I don’t expect the owner of this boat is going to drop by so I removed your telephone number.

  • Christina  says:

    That definitely sounds like a good opportunity for the right person. It’s no wonder you were tempted to apply yourself.

    • Shane  says:

      I’d love to do it, but also know just how rubbish and useless I’d be.

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