Volunteer With Big Cats in Thailand

Volunteer With Big Cats in Thailand

The Safari Park Volunteer Initiative where we spent a few days last year getting in the way helping out as volunteers has begun a new programme focused on training the adolescent lions, tigers and leopards in its care.

They need four volunteers every four weeks to maintain and improve their current positive reinforcement training with big cats from six months to one year old. The cats must follow a volunteer devised training schedule to ensure all public interactions are controlled and safe.

You will also be responsible for enrichment, cleaning and feeding of all adult tigers and leopards and expected to build platforms and toys and devise games and treasure hunts for the Safari Park’s pride of lions.

Tat and Ned, who run the Safari Park Volunteer Intiative, say the days are long, hot, wet and exhusting but the bond you will create with your cat and the learning experience for you both is guaranteed to make it all worthwhile. I certainly enjoyed my short time last year exercising the lions and tigers and feeding the leopards, regarding it as not just one of the highlights of our time in Southeast Asia, but of all our travels.

The start dates in 2014 are September 1, September 29, October 27, November 10 and December 8.

For more information visit www.safarivolunteer.com/#!big-cat-volunteering/c10wt.

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