Volunteering At Home in Sukhothai

Volunteering At Home in Sukhothai

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One of the things we do to keep our accommodation costs down is to trade our advertising space for a place to stay for a few nights. The offer is attractive to hoteliers and hostel owners who pay for ad space with what might otherwise be an empty room, while we can invest the money we saved in to our twin passions of beer and jewel encrusted fridge magnets.

Sometimes we are very lucky and find there is a job for one or more of our readers at the place we stayed. This is the case with At Home Sukothai, in Thailand.

Instead of the usual arrangement we make when we swap advertising for accommodation, Issara, the owner of At Home, wanted us to help him find someone to work in his garden and reception area for a period of up to two months. In exchange, he provides a room with a fan and outside bathroom, some meals and a bike. This is an on-going position so sooner or later the vacancy will be open even if Issara doesn’t need anyone at the present time.

For more information see the advert he sent us for our Jobs Abroad Bulletin: www.jobsabroadbulletin.co.uk/hi-hostel-caretaker/.

Volunteer work exchange in a hostel in Sukhothai, Thailand

At Home is aptly named as it was the childhood home of Issara, who dug out the photo album and showed us pictures of his family growing up in the wooden house that now comprises the main building of the hostel. Around the back are wooden bungalows set around a pond. This is where we stayed for our three nights in the city. We didn’t have a chance to sample the restaurant as we were distracted by street food and a nearby Italian restaurant, but we can vouch for the delicious breakfast.

Volunteer hostel jobs in Sukhothai, Thailand

Deirdre particularly liked Sukhothai and if it weren’t time for us to head home (plus her utter lack of gardening skills) would have applied for this position herself.

Sukhothai is a modern city but the main draw for visitors is nearby old Sukhothai, a historic city once the capital of Thailand.

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