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Weather App Trumps: The Working Traveller vs Barefoot Beach Blonde

Just past its three month birthday Barefoot Beach Blonde is a new blog on the scene. So new in fact that author Oceana Setaysha is still making those early discoveries about travel blogging. Oceana also tweets @hostelzoo while working on Great Keppel Island, part of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The nearest we can find to Keppel to challenge with our game is Yeppoon where on a head to head (Thursday to Tuesday) comparison the score is:

The Working Traveller (nr Izmir) 0 – 6 Barefoot Beach Blonde (nr Yeppoon)

Weather Apps on a iPhone

Well, waddayouknow, turns out those Aussies weren’t lying about their sunshine after all and, with our weather turning filthier by the day, there will be no repeat of the megagloat we inflicted on Melbourne just a few weeks ago.

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