Weather App Trumps: The Working Traveller Vs Travellerspoint

Weather App Trumps: The Working Traveller Vs Travellerspoint

Last week we got chatting to Peter Daams, one half of Travellerspoint, a grand travel community site made up of over 30,000 blogs sharing 175,000 stories.

Peter happened to mention he was competitive and this brought back memories of travelling around his country during the 2002/3 Ashes tour when Australia could still play cricket and England patently couldn’t. As soon as my English accented voice enriched the environment every Australian for miles came over to point out ‘England are a bit shit, aren’t they mate?’

Fortunately for my chances at revenge Melbourne is in its winter and we, thank heavens, are not competing under England’s rain soaked flag. We also remember it pretty much rained our entire time in Australia. Here, take a look:

Raining in Sydney

It rained in Sydney

Raining in Nhulunbuy, Northern Territories

It rained in the Northern Territories

Raining in Whitehaven Beach

It rained at the beach

Raining in Australia

Weep, Australian Tourist Board, weep

It seems these people have been lying to us for years about how hot and sunny their country is. We travelled north from Sydney so didn’t make it to Melbourne. Perhaps things will be different there? On a head to head (Thursday to Tuesday) comparison the score is:

The Working Traveller (nr Izmir) 4 – 2 Travellerspoint (Melbourne)

Weather App Trumps: Izmir v Melbourne

In your face, Melbourne

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