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Weather App Trumps: The Working Traveller vs Uncornered Market

The Working Traveller is back on the road and occasionally comparing our changing local weather conditions with those of random bloggers in an excuse to highlight their website. Though we are warm and snug in our lovely loft apartment in Istanbul, the snowy conditions outside gave us little cause to believe we are going to win this round of Weather App Trumps.

Then we spotted via our Twitter feed that Audrey Scott and Daniel Noll, the experienced travellers behind Uncornered Market, are in Edinburgh and thought surely Turkey can beat Chillyjockoland, as us English slightly racistly call anywhere north of the Firth. However, on a head to head (Tuesday to Sunday) comparison the score is:

The Working Traveller (Istanbul) 3 – 3 Uncornered Market (Edinburgh)

The weather in Istanbul and Edinburgh

Though Turkey isn’t the Auld Enemy and this is not quite a victory of goalpost nicking proportions the Scots must be happy with this surprising result over one of the big guns in the warm weather stakes.

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