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Weather App Trumps: The Working Traveller vs Yomadic

Iran has been on my mind this week so I’ve been reading with interest the blog posts from Yomadic, in particular how he arrived in Iran with no visa on a one way ticket.

After getting turned away at the Syrian border last year for not having a visa I’m less inclined to try that again but flying to Tehran before hoping on a train to Turkey might make a great way to get home from our Southeast Asian trip next year.

That, though, is for the future. Right now I thought we’d challenge Nate‘s weather with our own. I saw him tweet today he had left Tehran and is heading to Esfahan. On a head to head comparison for the next six days the score is:

The Working Traveller (nr Izmir) 0 – 5 Yomadic (Esfahan)

Weather App Trumps

So, no in your face’s this week. Instead we will ape Alex Ferguson’s recent excuse for our defeat: “They gave us four minutes injury time, that’s an insult to the game. It denies you a proper chance to win Weather App Trumps.”

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