Workers of the World #1

Workers of the World #1

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

Why I’ve Become a Tour Guide

The Gringo Starr’s long journey from keeping an eye on 14 year old sex pests in London to leading walking tours around Buenos Aires.

Who Says Work Can’t be Fun?
Annie, the Wayward Traveller, lands two jobs on the same day. One as a tour leader, the other a gig as a contributing writer for a website.

Teaching English
Nomadic Interviews: Wandering Earl

Earl Barron sidestepped the traditional route to teaching English when he started his own classes in a park in Thailand. Earl also discusses his life working on board cruise ships and selling ebooks.

Teaching ESL – Which English do you Teach
British or American English? Rolf Potts investigates who wants what and where.

Interview with Johnny – 50 Countries in 4 Years
Never having had a ‘real job’, Northern Irishman Johnny has been financing his travels by teaching English since 2006.

Natalie: A TEFL Teacher’s Project to Help Slavery Victims in Gabon
South African Natalie talks about slavery, extreme ironing, and having tiny Korean fingers shoved up her bum.

Boomers Teaching Abroad: Can You Hack It?
Advice for baby boomers thinking of a late career teaching English.

Teaching English in Medellin
Despite being at times disappointed and discouraged, Ana found work as an English teacher in Colombia. Her article also provides a short list of English schools and institutes in the area.

17 Questions You Should Ask Before Accepting a TEFL Job
Beverly Gallagher helps you weed out the good from the bad and the ugly before taking a TEFL job.

Teaching English and Living as an Expat in Pakistan
Heather Carreiro offers an expat teacher’s view of working in an often maligned country.

Expat Life: Working in China
Sasha Peakall’s experiences in China.

Summer Camps
7 Tips for Working at American Summer Camps

Johnny imparts his knowledge from working at three summer camps in the USA.

Film Extra
My Life as a German Movie Star

Adventurous Kate dances, dances and dances some more in Thailand for German movie Tourist in Danger.

SWF in Syria: Torn Between Two Husbands
From American backpacker to British aristocrat in one take.

Backpackers to Bollywood Actors: An Interesting Day in Mumbai, India
Nicole and Cameron Wears break into Bollywood.

What the F*ck is Busking!?

From mime to music via magic, Off Track Planet looks at ways to make money on the streets.

Essential Packing List for Musicians
Guitarist Lachie McLeod suggests a list of items for travelling tunemeisters.

Writing, Blogging & Photography
Nomadic Interviews: Kirsty the Nerdy Nomad
Kirsty Henderson makes her living by selling advertising on her numerous websites.

Travel Dork: 10 Questions With Nomadic Matt
An Interview with Matt Kepnes.

Wife-Hunting: How to Marry a Brazilian Model
Four hour week dude Tim Ferriss interviews Jeremiah Thompson, a photographer of Brazilian bikini models.


Paid for Travel Writing – All Those Dollars
Advice for making the transition to paid travel writer.

Freelance Writer Rates: Who Pays the Most Online
A generally upbeat assessment of what online publications are paying writers.

Getting Started as a Travel Writer
Matt Gibson answers a reader’s question to his blog.

An Interview With Susan Griffith
It is no exaggeration to say that this blog would not exist had Susan Griffith not written the magnificent Work Your Way Around the World.

International Development Work
Nomadic Interviews: Todd’s Wanderings

Another in the excellent series of interviews by the Never Ending Voyage people, this time with Todd Wassel, a veteran traveller and international development worker of 11 years.

Do Good Thursday: Four Free Volunteer Programs in Peru

Why pay to volunteer when there are plenty of worthy NGOs that won’t charge a penny and may even divvy up lunch.

Professional Internship Opportunities in Peru
Cusco resident Camdon Luxford provides further proof that Peru has a wealth of opportunities for travellers hoping to avoid paying to volunteer.

5 Cheap Ways to Volunteer in Peru
And, while we’re on the subject, here’s one from me on Cheapoair’s blog.

Lies, Lies, Lies (or Volunteering in Nepal)
Connie Hum gets the shitty end of the stick when she ends up with a lying, thieving family masquerading as a volunteer organisation.

Life on a Malaysian Rice Farm: Up to my Knees & in Over my Head
If you only read one story about working on a rice farm in Malaysia this year, this is it.

Unbrave Girl on Board: Life on a Malaysian Sail Boat
After the rice fields Sally boards a boat and starts sanding it down.

Volunteer Abroad for Free
Zablon Mukuba gives some advice via TravelDudes.

Seeing a Different Side of South Africa
Rebecca volunteered at a small primary school in KwaZulu Natal.

Do Good Thursday: Kirsty’s Volunteer Abroad Experience in Rwanda
We know how Kirsty Henderson makes her living (see her interview above in the Writing, Blogging & Photography section). This is how she spends some of her time. Kirsty is a serial volunteer and also publishes an ebook on the subject.

Why I Volunteer: Eric “Kuba” Ash
Eric has volunteered with WWF-Canada, WildAid, Jungle Cat World Zoo, and the International Tiger Coalition.

Cool People Met While WWOOFing: Lee the Dish Fairy
Celeste reminisces about a Korean friend she knew in New Zealand.

WWOOFing in Italy
Working on an organic vineyard in Tuscany.

Working Holiday Visas
Working Holiday Visas: What You Should Know

A rundown of getting a short term work visa in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Study Abroad
Q & A: The Truth About Semester at Sea

Lindsay Clark fields some questions about spending a semester studying on a big boat.

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