Workers of the World #10

Workers of the World #10

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

Various & General Working Abroad
How to Afford Long-Term World Travel pt 2 – How I Do It
Lash explains how she has been able to afford 14 years of world travels.

How to Land Jobs Along the Way While you Travel
Nora Dunn chats with Deborah Benbrook on running hostels in Chile and Thailand and getting around work visa regulations to pick fruit in New Zealand.

25 Ways to Make Money While You Travel
From web design and palm reading to au pairing and teaching, Global Goose think up over two dozen ideas to keep you on the road.

Let the Training Begin…
19 countries, over 12,000km, 68 days; welcome to Contiki training.

Bar Work
Bar Work
A dollar is a dollar so Samuel puts up with a job in a shitty bar in the sex district of Yokohama.

Teaching English
Applying to to the Auxiliares Program: How to Apply to be a Language Assistant in Spain
The North American Language and Culture Assistants program allows Cat to make Spain her hogar dulce hogar.

Working Wednesdays: K3 Graduation Picnic and day of sightseeing on Hong Kong Island
Just one day of the 700 or so Jonny Blair spent working in Hong Kong.

Teaching English in China Part One – The Journey Begins
Excerpts from Carrie Kellenberger’s handwritten journals from 2003.

How to Save $17,000 Teaching in Korea For 1 Year
Audrey Bergner reveals how she made the money she is currently spending on her travels around Southeast Asia.

Coming to terms with China!
Cockroaches in her apartment, scorpions and snakes on the dinner plate, Becca White prepares herself for spending the next year in her new job in Foshan City, Guangdong.

How I Taught English in China WITHOUT a Degree
Though her pay would be lower than a graduate, Aston Language Centre offered this English teacher a way out of England.

The Politics of Teaching English in China
The same teacher as above quickly learned that Chairman Mao, sex, and Tiananmen Square are some of the off-limits topics in China.

I came to live in Thailand and became a TEFL School Teacher!
Just a little over five months in Thailand, Miranda Wooten embarks on a whole new career far different from anything she has ever done in the past.

Finding a Job Placement Teaching English in China: Part 3
Sammy Corfield is mentally undressed by middle-aged Chinese women and has a row about bananas.

Top 50 Schools in Thailand
Thailand’s Top 50 high schools are based on 2012 successful admission to Thailand’s top universities, national O-net results and other official student academic achievement.

Busking & Street Performance
Street Performers for Two Weeks (Slovenia to Poland Without Money)
Jamie puts some questions to two unusually dressed guys juggling, playing ukeleles, and performing on a slack line.

Writing, Blogging & Photography
101 Places to Stay in Asia for under $501 a Month
A magnificent list for anyone looking to find somewhere cheap to live.

My Summer Plans: Employed in Luang Prabang!
Naomi Alyssa takes a punt and lands some social media, writing and photography and office bitch work in northern Laos.

The Ten Coolest “Offices” I’ve Ever Had
Sean Ogle presents his list of favourite sky towers, resorts and jungle bungalows where he has plonked down his laptop and got to work.

Why Blogging is Hard Part 1 – Hello?
When Ed Rex’s friends ask what he has been up to and where he’s been, he narrows his eyes and says, ‘didn’t you see on my blog?’

The Practicalities of Being a Digital Nomad Part 2: Tax, Visas, Flights & Security
Erin and Simon cover the rather dull but essential details that make it possible to work while travelling.

How To Maintain A Work/Travel Balance
Travel blogging, says Jasmine, is sipping mojitos on a Mexican beach, riding camels in the Saharan desert, and partying every night combined with lots of time spent on a laptop locked up in hotel rooms, slaving away into the wee hours of the morning.

Attempting to Woo Rwandan Advertisers
Kirsty Henderson begins to think about accepting ads on her Kigali website.

Interview with Location Independent Copywriter John McIntyre
John McIntyre talks about his background, what makes Chiang Mai so great and gives some advice for aspiring copywriters in this interview.

…And The World’s My Oyster
Robert Schrader remembers sitting in a hostel in Bangkok’s Khao San Road cranking out articles on topics like “Laws Regarding the Production of Alcohol in Kansas.”

Travel Blogger University
The journey of a travel blogger.

The Shock of Moving to Asia and Making a Living in Thailand on the Computer
Tim Wooten has it with the US and ups sticks and moves to Chiang Mai.

The Real Business of Travel Blogging
Nomadic Matt writes on his personal website.

Do You Make This PayPal Currency Conversion Mistake?
Jean Galea comes up with a simple idea.

What do Digital Nomads Consider When Choosing Locations?
When you have the advantage of being able to work from anywhere in the world, how do you decide where to go?

What Would Happen to My Online Business if I Died?
Chris Huntley, who works in life insurance, considers what will happen to our online business if we get hit by a bus in Bangkok, Berlin or Bogota.

On Sponsored Posts – A Quick Chat About Biznass
Meg and Tony try to balance the one for them, one for us approach to travel blogging.

Part 3 of 10 ways to supplement your teaching income.

Fruit Picking & Farm Work
Working Wednesdays: Broccoli Harvesting in Moriarty, Australia
When Jonny Balir asked his workmateswhere the city centre of Moriarty is, they pointed to a “community hall” and a Fire Station.

Volunteering & Gap Year
Relax or Volunteer at a Hostel in the Sky
Volunteer and live for Free in Nicaragua.

Our time at Elephant Nature Park
Giselle and Cody help to care for a new born baby elephant and for over 2000 dogs rescued from the illegal dog meat trade.

Our Week at Care for Dogs, Chiang Mai
Franca and Dale make their first step into volunteering.

A Day in the Life of a Volunteer in Cambodia (Volunteering as a Doctor)
An extract from the emails send back to Kathryn’s family and work colleagues from her time volunteering in Cambodia.

Volun-toursim In Thailand: Determining Where To Put Your Efforts
Tips for people who are interested in volunteering in Thailand.

Is it Legit? Why You Should Double Check Your Volunteer Projects
Tips for avoiding scammy volunteer projects.

Gap Year Students Are More Likely To Smoke Weed, Study Reveals
Bad gap year students, bad!

Volunteering! Putting the Santa in Santiago
The Flying Gypset volunteered over Christmas at a home for the homeless.

WWOOFing & Organic  Farms
WOOFING in Greece – Pros & Cons
Gary explores what’s good and what’s bad about volunteering on a Greek organic farm.

Wwoofing in Olmué, Chile
Rosie and Jon spent two weeks volunteering on a small farm in the mountain village outside of Santiago.

Our First Official Visit and Some Thoughts
Marco, a permaculturist in northern Thailand receives a visit from a group of Karen from the surrounding mountains and a government official in charge of agricultural policy in the area.

Mae Taeng, Pun Pun and You Sabai Organic Farms, Thailand
Cristen and Miguel set off on a motorbike road trip from Chiang Mai and end up at a couple of nearby organic farms.

Volunteering With WWOOF
A WWOOFers’ impression of her volunteering experience on the Three-Generation Farm in Mae Rim, Thailand.

House Sitting & Home Exchange
Want to See the World on a Budget? Become a Global House Sitter
Angela and John Laws are part of a growing travel trend thanks to the custom connections provided by house sitting websites.

Trust and Travel (and House-Sitting)
Dalene and Pete Heck are given a stranger’s car and house keys.

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Work on a Yacht
There are plenty of reason to work on a yacht, but here are five why you should not.

Study Abroad
Studying Abroad in Europe – Myths and Reality
Beer! Shots! Party! Beach! Surf classes! Sangria! More party! Drunk girls! Hot surfer guys!  Woo hoo! Julika investigates what really happens during a semester abroad.

A Life Of Sunshine And Siestas In Southern Spain
How six weeks of studying abroad set up one student’s life in Seville, Spain.

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