Workers of the World #11

Workers of the World #11

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

Various & General Working Abroad
How To Afford Long-Term World Travel pt 3 – How Other Long-Term Travelers Do It
In part 2 of this series Lash told us how she has worked abroad. This time she focuses on how other travellers do it.

Why Don’t You Just Get a Real Job?
Because the one I’ve got is so much more fulfilling, says Charli Moore.

Make Money Traveling – Earn Anywhere
Wil examines the ways he can boost his travels funds.

Life After Working on Cruise Ships AKA The Real World is Strange
Better television than Fox News, cheap internet, doing laundry and growing a moustache, Roy reflects on the real world five months after he quit his life on-board.

An Overland Vehicle
Natalie and Dave consider what will make a good vehicle for their overland company.

Staff of Hostels all Around the World, What is the Weirdest Shit You’ve Ever Seen Happening Amongst Backpackers?
From crapping out drugs smuggled out of Singapore to punching a suicidal guy in the face, hostel workers tell all in this frequently hilarious Reddit discussion.

Bar Work
Vampire Hours
Dark times for Samuel who has his bum stroked by a gay Yakuza and is asked to procure prostitutes for group sex.

Teaching English
Teaching in New Zealand Versus the UK – Where’s Best?
Andrew is shown around a New Zealand school and compares it to the UK, where he taught in a secondary school in East London for four years.

Teaching English (and Gossip!) in Thailand
One thing you learn fairly quickly as a teacher in Thailand, says Jessica Hill, is that your local counterparts love a good gossip.

Diary of an ESL Teacher: Learning to Love Thailand
Jessica Hill answers questions about her six-month contract in Thailand.

Ask Poi and Kirsty Anything: Is it Easy to Get a Teaching Job?
Kirsty is asked by someone looking to teach in Thailand what type of qualifications schools looking for and where you start applying for jobs?

Failures in Sarcasm
When a lesson plan can go horribly wrong.

What Happens When You Lose a TEFL Placement
George is on the go again after losing a job in Japan.

What Life as an English Teacher in Thailand is Really Like
Chris Clancy visited Thailand ten years ago and loved it so much he couldn’t bring himself to leave.

Teaching Abroad Will Ruin Your Life
Mitch Gordon has interacted with hundreds, maybe thousands of people who have taught abroad. He knows of at least two who had negative experiences and wants to save you from becoming the third.

Scam Alert: The Foreign Teacher Fraud
The China Foreign Teachers Union reports that approximately half of all foreign teachers in China have been swindled. There are ten tricks used by agents and private schools to scam teachers. Here are a few of them.

Get Paid to Teach English at a Palace in Bangkok Thailand
Turner Barr suggests working at a university that looks like a Palace.

Au Pairs & Nannies
All Around the World of Au Pairs
The low down of the au pair regulations in 13 countries around the world.

Writing, Blogging & Photography
87 Places to Stay in Latin America for Under $501 a Month
Another great list of long stay options, this time in South and Central America.

10 years as a Digital Nomad
James Clark has been doing the digital nomad thing since before wifi.

A Realistic Version Of The Typical Blogger At The Beach
Yes, yes – a great post for those of us that detest working outdoors.

Jack the Hack: Advice to All You Expat Writers: Publish and be Damned
Jack Scott, author of Perking the Pansies, offers his advice to expats looking to publish their gin soaked memoirs.

How I Make Money Online To Support My Travels
Wandering Earl answers the question, “what does ‘working online’ really mean?”

How to Afford Long-Term World Travel pt 4 – How Travel Bloggers Do It
Lash’s fourth instalment in her guide to long term travel focuses on working online.

I Want to Know Your Secret
Craig Makepeace tells of the trials and bankruptcies that lie behind making a success of yTravel Blog.

The Problems We Face Becoming Location Independent
Eloise and Stu highlight some of the difficulties encountered in setting up their online business.

Why I Don’t Want to be a Full-Time Travel Writer
Sarah Shaw calculates how many articles she would have to publish to freelance full-time and keep up with her current spending habits as an English teacher.

How to Become a Freelance Writer Right Now
You want to become a freelance writer, but you don’t know where to start. Travis Garner offers his advice.

How to blog with an iPod Touch
You don’t have to lug a heavy laptop around to get your words and pictures online.

The Other Side of Travel Blogging
Is travel blogging really a dream job? asks Robert Schrader.

Do I really want to be a travel blogger?
More introspection, this time by Eytan.

Is it Possible to Make a Full Time living From Travel Blogging?
With travel bloggers getting book deals, is it possible to earn a good living from travel blogging alone? David Whitley asked a few of the industry’s biggest names.

Making Money Online As An Expat In Thailand
An American expat living in Chiang Mai explores some online options to earn a living.

Amazon Publishing with Warren and Betsy Talbot of Married with Luggage
A video interview with the Talbots who gave up good jobs, great friends and a comfortable lifestyle to travel the world.

Fruit Picking & Farm Work
Broccoli Fields Forever
Let Jonny Blair take you down to broccoli fields.

Volunteering & Gap Year
11 Great Volunteer-Ready Dog Shelters in Thailand
Franca and Dale list dog shelters across Thailand that welcome volunteers.

Blog: Volunteering with BlazeAid
Jessica Riley, an Irish backpacker and journalist, shares her experience volunteering with Blazeaid on the clean-up after the 2013 Gippsland Bushfires in Victoria.

So, I Got Accepted Into the Peace Corps and I’m… Moving to Colombia!
Sarah Shaw says goodbye to her Korean teaching job and does the I-got-accepted-into-the-Peace-Corps dance.

Volunteering Jobs with Rescue Dogs in Thailand
Turner Barr exploits cute doggies for his video.

An Interview with Diana from Save Elephant Foundation
Shannon O’Donnell interviews Diana Edelman about her work in northern Thailand.

Day in the Life of a Volunteer in Guatemala
Chalen Yang provides a snapshot of his life as a medical volunteer.

WWOOFing & Organic  Farms
WWOOFing a Japanese Farm
The WWOOF network provides Mike with a free room and board in an expensive country.

The Backpacker’s Guide To WOOFING
More information on the WWOOF concept.

House Sitting & Home Exchange
Free Accommodation? Where Do I Sign Up!
Some words and useful links on literally getting your foot in someone’s door.

Long Term Travel and House Sitting – An Aussie Couple Share Their Story
Nicole and Michael tell us about their life as traveling house sitters from Florida to London to Barbados.

The Yachtie Transformation
The crew have had the yacht to themselves but it is time to remove the piercings and cover tattoos for when new guests arrive.

Study Abroad
My Semester Abroad in an Undeservingly Short Summary
Julika summarizes her semester in Portugal into one little blog post.

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