Workers of the World #12

Workers of the World #12

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

Various & General Working Abroad
Job Hunting on a Work & Holiday Visa …AKA My Reality Check
Los Angeles girl Valeri finds that landing hospitality jobs in Australia isn’t as easy as she thought.

The Ultimate Guide to Landing a Seasonal Job (and Using It to Travel the World)
Would you like to live in incredible places, meet new friends and save enough money to travel the world? Of course you would and here are some tips from Susan Shain to help you do so.

How to get a Hong Kong Working Holiday Visa
Jonny Blair waves and shouts ‘over here,’ pointing out an alternative to all those thinking of applying for an Australian Working Holiday Visa.

Why I Turned Down My Dream Job
Katie Aune, returning home to Chicago after a thirteen month career break, rejects a travel consultant position.

When to Apply for Summer Seasonal Jobs? Um, NOW
Susan Shain gives her advice on looking for seasonal work.

How to Become a Divemaster on Your Gap Year
Advice for going under the water and staying there as long as possible.

Who Wants to Serve a Billionaire?
The rich are getting richer – and that means jobs on superyachts for those who can meet their employer’s every whim. But first trainees must learn how to fold a towel.

Behind the Scenes With a Super Yacht Chef
Sam Boland is a 29 year old chef from Bournemouth who lives in Florida when he is not cooking on some of the world’s biggest and most luxurious super yachts.

Teaching English
When the Bitterness Sets In, Time to Go
Ed Kranz hopes his last year in China matches the enthusiasm of his first, rather than the jaded pessimist that infected him as he wrote this post.

Teaching English in Chiang Mai – Interview with Magic Travel Blog
Andrew reflects on his Kindergarten Cop moment back when he taught English in 2009, and how things could only get better from there.

My Time Teaching English In Chiang Mai, Thailand
Not to be outdone Johnny Ward discusses the ups and downs of his life as an English teacher in the same city.

Teaching in the Past, Present, and Future Tense
Sherry Ott thinks back to India and Vietnam and looks forward to getting back in front of a class in Hawaii.

How Am I Preparing to Live in Korea?
Drew gets ready to get on a plane to Pyeongtaek, a Korean town south of Seoul.

Sports Day 2013
One of Cornish Kylie’s teaching adventures in Thailand.

Question from a Reader: Coming to Korea as a Teacher?
Chris Backe provides advice including thinking of eight-year-olds not as your students, but as your bosses.

Film Extra & TV Production
National Geographic Documentary Making in Bangkok: the Phantom Extra
Tucker, sorry, Turner Barr gets paid to stand around and smoke?

Working Crew on Amazon Survivor pt 1- Flying to the Amazon
Lash is offered a position on the ‘Dream Team’ for Survivor Amazon starting in mid-October in the Brazilian Amazon.

Au Pairs & Nannies
Things I Learnt From Being An Eighteen Year Old Nanny…
Before quitting to work in a sandwich shop, Jules Sanderson worked as a nanny for two months in 2009 for a family who were vacationing on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. She lists her top 20 facts about being a nanny that they don’t tell you in the job description.

Writing, Blogging & Photography
The Busy Days of a Blogger
Teenage blogger Shachaamah Brown goes to a conference in Bangkok.

Kindle the Fire to Self-Publishing
With increasing  e-reader sales, the flame was lit for budding authors to go it alone. Rebecca Ratcliffe meets Kerry Wilkinson who sold his 100,000th copy.

How to Get an Awesome Social Media Job in Travel
Vicky Philpott, the content and social media manager at – the Gary’s Old Towne Tavern to our Cheers –  gives tips and advice.

I Quit My Job to Live in a Tent and Write Code
Thomas Backlund became homeless by choice to live in the forest near Stockholm. From his tent he works as an entrepreneur and coder, powering his laptop and phone with two portable solar panels.

How To Become A Professional Blogger
Sebastian gives his advice.

Woohoo! I Made Some Money This Month!
Tyrhone cracks open the fizzy and does a little jig after making $1,800 from design and online work.

How to Make Money from Anywhere – as a Self Published Author
Starting to make enough money to pay for his travels, Wil tells all.

Income Report Roundup – January 2014
A lot of bloggers publish their income reports. This is a round up of 16 who do so.

The Benders Are New to Sponsored Travel But Are Becoming Experts Fast
Erin, of the travelling Bender family, answers questions on how they have managed to arrange independent sponsored stays and trips that have included hotels and resorts, vacation rentals, car hire, day tours, food tours, theme parks, water parks, workshops and zoos.

Freelancing on Odesk – Interview with Bernard Vukas
John Bardos is always telling his readers blogging is a lousy way to make money online so he offers his forum to a freelance software developer to drive the point home.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Blogging
Theodora tries to dispel some of the location independent crap that bloggers just sit in a little fluffy cloud writing nice stories and taking pretty pics in between trips to marvellously exotic locations.

Fruit Picking & Farm Work
Rice Harvesting in Thailand: The Redundant Rice Farmer
When he is not getting paid to stand about smoking, Turner Barr is not getting paid to sweat buckets in a rice field.

Volunteering & Gap Year
Volunteering with Children Abroad: the Issues You Should Know
Flora the Explorer questions child based voluntourism, explaining that far from helping your very presence can be debilitating.

Safari Volunteers, Working with Exotic Animals
While cruising the work exchange site Helpx, Wil stumbled upon Safari Voluteers and enjoyed an amazing experience he’ll never forget.

Thai Monk Chat
Noah Lederman talks to people dressed in orange.

Workaway and Helpx: Would I Travel with Work Exchanges Again?
Jessica jots down the pros and cons of work exchanges.

Top 10 Things to Pack for Voluntary Placements
Tammy’s personal top 10 must have items to pack when volunteering abroad.

Europe’s Best Countries for Hostel Work
Working in a highly social and demographically varied environment has always appealed to Iulia, who shares her experience of working in hostels around Europe as a volunteer, a receptionist and a manager.

Eco-tourism in Thailand – A Straw Bale Hostel
After a bad volunteering experience Yara Coelho enjoys a better time volunteering with an eco-hostel, made of mud, bamboo and straw bale.

Volunteering in Uganda
After University, Jamie headed to Uganda to volunteer. He presents a two part video of his experience.

House Sitting & Home Exchange
Housesitting in New York, A Dream Come True
The Globetrotter Girls become temporary New Yorkers.

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    Especially after the financial crissis that started in 2008, I saw a major flow of young workers from east to west in Europe and from old industrial cities to major cities in the US.
    This is a normal trend that sends qualified or unqualified work from a place invaded by solitude to a place where they can live a better life.
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