Workers of the World #14

Workers of the World #14

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

Various & General Working Abroad
My Second Australian Working Holiday Visa
Conor Walsh’s application for his second WHV wasn’t without its headaches.

Backpacker Jobs How-to
Having already answered why they are willing spending a month of their lives shovelling horse poo, the Coastguard Couple provide information on how they found work in Australia.

How I Fund Our Family Travel
Talon Windwalker, who left the USA with his son and $900 in savings, explains how he is still on the road.

Cheffing in Cambodia
Richard Bias is the executive chef of a hotel in Siem Reap.

How I Started A Small Tour Company
Despite not knowing a thing about running a tour when he began, Wandering Earl goes ahead and does it anyway.

Flying on the A380!
An interview with Jay from International Fly Guy who is Cabin Crew for a leading airline and works frequently on the Airbus A380.

Why My Life Isn’t Really A Vacation
The Little Mermaid at Sea tends to paint a paint a picture that her life is full of adventure, beautiful scenery and endless fun but there is also the reality of ugly marinas, exploding nappies and lazy evenings in sweats.

Ski Resort Jobs
Resort Blogger Sarah’s First Entry – Preparing for a Season and Heading to Alpe D’Huez for Training
Sarah gets on a bus to Meribel.

A Season on the Slopes Abroad
An experienced traveller, Natalie Segovia tries to convince herself that she’s made the right decision to work abroad.

Teaching English
From TEFL in Thailand to Fully Qualified in London
Having taught English in Thailand, Kirsty returned home with boyfriend Poi to get professional teaching qualifications.

What it’s really like to TEFL in Japan
Despite having argued the system is flawed, George assesses Japan as a tempting TEFL country with relatively high pay, high demand for  teachers and a safe and exciting culture.

Singapore as a TEFL Destination
Peter Lee guest blogs on George on the Go about teaching in Singapore.

Can You Really Make Money Teaching English in Japan? Gaijin vs Godizilla Edition
Brenna Holeman taught in Japan for over two years, from 2008 to 2010, because she needed money, and a lot of it.

How to Quit Your Job, Leave for India, & Teach English Abroad
Gigi interviews Anita, who taught English to Tibetan refugees.

Teach Abroad in China: 10 Unexpected Challenges of Working with University Students
Though she wasn’t a first time teacher Jessica Hill had no idea what to expect before stepping into her first class in front of Chinese university students.

Why Teaching English is the Perfect Job for Travel Addicts
The simple answer is money but Linda Martin offers a little more detail than that.

Diary of an ESL Teacher: Ray and Kailin Find Love in Russia
Lauren Miller tells us the story of Kailin and Ray, who fell in love while teaching English in Russia, got married, and decided to continue their life abroad by teaching in Taiwan.

And Then I Became a Teacher…
Lindsay Clark stares back at 26 international students who seem to be expecting a high quality, dynamic, innovative education in the realm of Creative Arts… from her.

IamA international school teacher in Shanghai, China. AMA
Questions on international schools and expat life are answered on Reddit.

NSFW (And Other Letters)
Aliens like to eat penis according to Che’s class of ten year olds.

Busking & Street Performance
How to Pay for Your Travels by Busking
Linda and Craig Martin talk to professional busker Annie Chambers and her partner Colin Callanan about their experiences busking to finance their travels.

TV Production
Working Crew on Amazon Survivor pt 3 – Second Week in the Amazon
The continuing adventures of Lash’s job in the Brazilian Amazon.

Writing, Blogging & Photography
Wandering Earl’s Guide To Travel Blogging…Sort Of
Though he has no real idea how he has become a successful travel blogger, Wandering Earl is clearly doing something right..

Financial Travel Tip #74 – Managing an Online Business and Volunteering
Nora Dunn makes her money online and saves it volunteering for free accommodation. But this brings its own challenge.

Changes in the Digital Nomad World
A nomadic working life is easier than when this once pioneering site started in 2005.

My Plans for a Google Intimidation Free Online Income
Kirsty Henderson is one traveller inspired by the site above to earn an online income. She has since kicked on to becoming an inspiration to others wanting to do the same but recognises the flaws in a business model overly reliant on The Big G.

The Realities of a Location Independent Life
Jennifer Miller answers how it’s possible to make more money working 20 hours a week and travelling the world with her kids than she did working more than 40 hours a week for a big computer company.

10 of the Best Resources for New Travel Bloggers
Simon Peterson writes an article in a style much like this one.

Got Questions About Sponsored Travel? We’ve Got Answers
Barbara Weibel has blagged hotel stays, meals, attractions, car rentals, tours and multi-day tours, as well as occasionally accepting travel related products for review

Nora Left Her Six-Figure Income to Travel Full Time as a Writer
An interview with Nora Dunn, who said goodbye to her six-figure income to embrace a life of travel.

Fruit Picking & Farm Work
How and Where to Find the Best Fruit Picking Regions in Australia
The Australian government deems it necessary that anyone looking to get a 12 month extension on their Working Holiday Visa must first complete 88 days of work in a specified industry in regional Australia, which for most means fruit picking. TNT’s Hugh Radojev and Adele Rogers provide tips.

Volunteering & Gap Year
Volunteering with Animals Abroad – Our Week at the Dog Rescue Project in Thailand
Amy and Andrew find the perfect volunteering opportunity during their trip to the Elephant Nature Park where they help out with their Dog Rescue Project.

Volunteering with Elephants (Thailand)
Diana talks about her time as a volunteer at the Elephant Nature Park near Chiang Mai.

Voluntary Vacation: Hostel Hopping in Guatemala
Jonathon Engels suggests exchanging a few hours of reception service or other work for food and a room.

A Cautionary Tale: Volunteering in Trade for Free Accommodation
Sometimes a volunteer just needs a little ‘alone time’.

Free Accommodation at Hostels: An Interview With a Die-Hard Hostel Fan
Eric Reed answers questions on working for his bed and food in the UK, Cambodia, Greece and Turkey.

The Ups and Downs of Work Field Trips to Rural Cambodia
Tammy goes on a field trip to interview and take photos of some of the beneficiaries of the NGO she volunteered for.

Volunteering At An English School In Yangshuo
Vicky and Dave converse with English students in a Chinese school. In return, the school allows them to live free of charge in the student dormitories.

A Volunteering Honeymoon
Joshua and Sutay Berman get married and volunteer in India for the New York based American Jewish World Service.

House Sitting & Home Exchange
Life on a Moroccan Oasis
Talon Windwalker shares a slice of his house sitting life in a remote location.

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