Workers of the World #16

Workers of the World #16

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

Various & General Working Abroad
How to Make Money Traveling & Living Abroad: Being Location Independent to Volunteering (Part II)
The second part of Christine Ka’aloa’s guide to adding or keeping dollars, pounds or shekels in your pocket while moving around the planet considers location independence and volunteering.

Away We Go
Jules Sanderson runs away to join the circus.

Outback Pub Life
Tiffany and Greg learn to play cricket and discover more deadly critters in Australia.

Thoughts on Becoming a Tour Guide (And Highlights From Europe)
Nomadic Matt discovers a new appreciation for every tour guide he’s ever met after he does the job himself.

Hostel Jobs
The Struggle of Telling Travelers Your Hostel is Full
Have you heard the one about two travellers walking in to a hostel and asking for two beds for two nights?

Volunteering in a Hostel in Berat, Albania
Miming the words for ‘sausages ‘and ‘charcoal’ in a small Albanian shop is one of the tasks assigned to Els.

Ski Resort Jobs
Reasons You Should Work in a Ski Resort
Some reasons to hit the slopes this winter and get paid for it.

Earning Abroad: Ski Guiding in Canada
Anders Møller Vestergård work history has included dive instructor and professional blogger’s bodyguard, but here he answers questions on running a high end skiing tour in Canada.

Teaching English
Teaching English in Spain with BEDA : My School & Schedule
Jessica Wray is pleased to return to the workforce after teaching at a school in Korea that didn’t always provide a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Top 5 Reasons Why I HATE the Auxiliar Program in Spain
Liz Carlson breaks up with Spain.

Benjamin and Chloe
Meet two of the little characters who have played giant roles in the life of Kelsey, a teacher in South Korea.

A Day in the Life of an English Teacher
23 year old Drew teaches in South Korea.

First Day Back: GIF Style
Maggie Moo emotes through the medium of GIFs.

Teaching English in Thailand: How to Get a Job You Actually Want
Mahala Proch, teaching English in Thailand’s Phuket, tells us why being a successful teacher is more important to her than being a “Goddess”.

I Gave It A Year
Back home in a minimum wage job, Steven Neish reflects on his year teaching in Syktyvkar, Russia.

Sarah Shaw convinces Jorge to write rude words on a whiteboard.

Unrest in Bangladesh and the Luxury of Being an Expat
40 deaths in the streets makes this English teacher realise that, even without the familiarity of Western comforts, expat life is a bubble.

Scottish Expat Living in Viet Nam – Interview with Jennie
As a university graduate stuck in a rut in the UK Jennie completed a TEFL course which has taken her around the world teaching, learning new experiences and travelling to places she never thought possible.

Summer Camps & Activity Centres
We’re the Kids of America: Camp America – The Best 2 Summers of my Life
Despite not really being sure what she was signing up to at the time, Stacey Iverson looks back on camp life with fondness.

Writing, Blogging & Photography
How I Stay Organized While Traveling, Working & Being A Fool
Like Steve Martin, Wandering Earl is a man with two brains.

A Brief History of Digital Nomading
Christine Gilbert traces a line from 1983, with the appearance of the first digital nomad, to the backlash against bloggers and the future.

Working From the Road Without a Laptop: Yes, it’s Possible
Johanna Read reviews hotels on her website via an iPad.

How to Invoice International Clients Without Paying Tons of Fees
Carrie Smith’s guide to keeping fees down.

A Franco-Vietnamese Cabaret in Saigon – Heaven and Hell in One Job
Adam Robert Young is given the task of shooting the food and performances at Bo Nong, a new French-owned cabaret-style restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City.

How I Became a Digital Nomad And Why I Love it
Ashray Baruah is Wanderlust’s blog of the week.

10 Cool Offices I’ve had as a Digital Nomad
Stephen Bugno presents his favourite temporary offices.

Creativity & Enterprise
I’m a Full time Youtuber AMA!
Questions answered on Reddit.

Fruit Picking & Farm Work
Kiwi Packing
While eating a hostel breakfast in New Zealand, a Welshman offers Amberly Young a job.

Volunteering & Gap Year
Volunteer in Koh Lanta Thailand – A Disaster!
Yara Coelho puts up with a poor Workaway host.

The Joys of Free Volunteering in Thailand: Tiger Piss, Fur Balls and Excrement
One of a series of posts by Turner Barr on his time working at the Tiger Temple.

The Problem With Little White Girls (and Boys): Why I Stopped Being a Voluntourist
White people aren’t told that the colour of their skin is a problem very often, says Pippa Biddle, but in most of the developing world it can be a hindrance.

What I Learnt in Nepal – Why A Bad Travel Experience Isn’t The End
Rachel writes about  volunteer experience she didn’t like in Nepal – and then spends a lot of time responding to negative comments below the line.

How To Look For Volunteering Jobs in Latin America
Trisha Velarmino answers a reader’s question.

The Seven Kinds of Volunteer You Meet Travelling
Building huts. Teaching kids. Shovelling dung. Is it for you? Before you answer, you might want to check out the kinds of people you’ll have to live with.

Video: Volunteering at an Orphanage in Myanmar
For a change, here’s something to watch, rather than read.

Family Volunteering Holidays
From helping to build a school in Kenya to beach cleaning in Wales to working with mahouts and their elephants in Thailand, Gretta Schifano lists some of the best options for families.

Volunteer Holidays: How to Find an Ethical Project
There are hundreds of ‘voluntourism’ projects available, but a new report claims few of them are doing as much good as they claim. So how do you find an experience that genuinely makes a difference? Two experts in responsible tourism give their tips.

House Sitting & Home Exchange
My House Sitting Nightmare: Learn From My Mistakes
There’s quite a lot of bad experiences in this issue of Workers of the World. Jeannie Mark’s tale of looking after a flea-bitten moggy is another.

One Thrifty Drifter’s Guide To House Sitting Websites
With a dog at her feet and a kitten on her lap, Jenna writes her guide from a beautiful Chinese shophouse in World Heritage Site Georgetown, Malaysia.

Cabin Crew
Virgin Atlantic Staff Travel: Perks of the Job!
Nicole Mongy makes us jealous writing about the advantages of working for Virgin.

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