Workers of the World #2

Workers of the World #2

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

Various & General Working Abroad
How I Can Afford My Life Of Constant Travel
Earl explains how cruise ships, English teaching and online ventures have helped him keep wandering for the past 12 years.

Travelers Talk Back: Working While Traveling
The editors of five blogs explain the methods they use to make a living while they travel.

Another Shit Day in Paradise
Roy spends some down time away from his cruise ship in tourist trap Acapulco.

Teaching English
A Totally Practical Way to See the World
Serial English teacher Mary Anne Oxendale talks to PocketCultures about living in Shanghai.

14 Notes on teaching English in a Chinese university, in the middle of a quiet burnout and impending unemployment
On her own blog this time Mary Anne provides an honest portrait of the stresses of life in the classroom.

Anna: A Fellowship That Pays You to Teach and Travel in Spain
Anna Drapkin talks to about her eight months living and teaching in southern Spain.

English Camp in Korea: What it’s Like
The Bohemian Traveler taught at Jeju International English village.

Don’t Make These 7 Mistakes Teaching English Abroad
From getting anal about commas and semi colons to teaching with a hangover, this Tripbase article outlines some TEFL no nos.

A Reflection on Teaching in Thailand – Becoming a Better Teacher
Caz Makepeace writes on about her time as a farang teacher in Bangkok.

Stood up on my first online date…
To extend her travels for as long as possible Kirsty took an online TEFL course and prepared to get a teaching job in Thailand. Here she explains what happens (or not) in a skype interview.

Writing, Blogging & Photography
Make a Living With YouTube Videos
The JetSetCitizen posts a short but interesting piece about a clever way to make money online.

Update, Looking Back, and Living and Working in New Zealand
Along with his own online ventures, Backpacking Matt is involved in running a web start up promoting mountain biking in New Zealand.

Freelance Web Design
The Secret Life of a Nomadic Web Designer
Never Ending Voyage’s Simon Fairbairn’s documentary exposes the lie that nomadic web designing is all big breasted Latino girls, sunshine and flowers.

Acting & Film Extra
How I Became a Moviestar (And How You Can Too)
Matt plays the lead in a student film.

Volunteering & Gap Year
Voluntourism: How to ensure you really are doing some good
Katy Stewart answers questions put by Iain Mallory. A big part of the interview is taken up with Katy’s views on voluntourism including commercialisation and giving special thought to working with children.

How to overcome home sickness while volunteering abroad
Zablon regularly writes for the Travel Dudes about volunteering abroad. This time he suggests some remedies for missing home.

So, You’re Going to Save the World?
Laura endures sarcasm when she decides she wants to volunteer.

Volunteer and Paid Opportunities in Southeast Asia (FREE) – Places Like Thailand, Cambodia and Laos
Team Chiang Mai volunteer to help people volunteer around the northern Thai city.

A Tale of Three Schools
Alexia Nestora presents a tale of good intentions gone wrong.

Volunteer Chronicles: Settling In
Sherry Ott’s initial experiences and impressions volunteering in Jordan with the Conservation Corps.

Volunteering in Svay Rieng
This is what Dave Dean of What’s Dave Doing did last year in Cambodia.

Do Good Thursday: Mending Faces, Changing Lives
Talon’s guest post about volunteering for Uplift Internationale, an organisation that performs free surgery for children with cleft lips.

A Day in the Life of an Equestrian Intern in Costa Rica
Erin and Simon helped out with horses at an equestrian centre in a rural part of Costa Rica.

A Week-in-the-Life of Jeannie: Nomadic Chick
Jeannie Mark describes one of the twelve weeks she spent as a volunteer in a small village in India.

The Opportunities of Travel: ‘Volunteering’ in Taiwan
Johnny Ward is staying at an English school in Taiwan for Thai TV.

Volunteering in Kuala Lumpur
V Brewood compiles a list of five Malaysian NGOs in the habit of welcoming volunteer workers.

How Volunteering Can Lead to Extraordinary Travel Experiences
Mark Wiens recounts some of his own volunteer experiences and passes on some advice how others can do the same.

How a Pencil Made Me Appreciate Life Like Never Before
Adam and Megan tell of their involvement with Big Brother Mouse, an organisation trying to improve literacy in Laos.

How Volunteering in Buenos Aires Accidentally Took Me Back to my Roots
When Michael Tieso volunteered in Buenos Aires he had no idea he would be spending time in the same area his mother grew up in.

Permaculture and Archaeology: Volunteer in the Sacred Valley
Camden Luxford visits a Peruvian couple trying to return their terraced land to its Inca use for growing medicinal plants.

#TTOT Roundup: Gap Year Travel
The participants of Travel Talk on Twitter give their take on gap years.

10 Tips for Getting Your First WWOOF Gig
WnLin Soh’s appreciation of good food leads her towards the organic farming network.

Volunteering for a slice of Turkish life
An Irish Times piece about WWOOFing in Turkey.

Housesitting & Home Exchange
Housesitting 101
Regularly quizzed about how they go about getting housesitting gigs, Dalene and Pete provide some answers.

Housesitting 201
More excellent advice on living rent free in someone else’s home.

How to Travel: Volunteering Aboard a Sailboat
Video bloggers Tiffany and Gregg provide some tips for land lubbers hoping to find their sea legs at someone else’s expense.

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