Workers of the World #3

Workers of the World #3

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

Various & General Working Abroad
How I Paid for 12 Years of Continuous Travel
Todd Wassel explains his methods for staying away from home including teaching stints in Japan, an internship in East Timor and working for NGOs in Sri Lanka and Kosovo.

Jill of all Trades
Lauren works her way in Australia as a Carny, bungee trampoline operator and hostel cleaner.

Tweets From Last Night – Travel Careers
A round of a #TNI Twitter chat on breaking into the travel industry.

New Beginnings
Stalking the blog of an expat Aussie landed this Loca Girl a job in Cusco.

You Only Live Once – The Time-We Worked on a Swingers Cruise
Mica and Mike earn themselves a free cruise and some cash in exchange for looking after the ship’s ‘playroom’.

Rebecca Coriam: Lost at Sea
Journalist Jon Ronson investigates the disappearance of a young woman who worked on the cruise ship Disney Wonder, one of 171 people gone missing from cruise ships since 2000.

Hostel Jobs
Things I Will Miss About Working in a Hostel
From the bands to feeling like a local, Kurt and Dayna list the things they will miss working in an Irish hostel.

Ski Resort Jobs
60 Seconds with Basecamp’s Tom Allport
Resort manager and course advisor answers questions about his life in Val D’Isere.

Teaching English
Thoughts From a First Time English Teacher in Thailand
Kirsty reveals the best bits, hardest bits and biggest surprises in her new role.

Notes on my Surposed Unemployment: The September Edition
Though no longer teaching in Shanghai Mary Anne Oxendale is kept busy marking exams and working as a language expert for the British Council.

I’m Going to Teach Abroad (And Hopefully Eat Lots of Kimchi)
Sheryll signs up for an online TEFL course and the English Program in Korea (EPIK).

8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming an ESL Teacher Overseas
Unbrave Girl Sally writes about something other than cookies, pants or her couch.

”I Look Different, But I Promise I’m Not Scary”
Jessica Watson says not to worry if your students start crying at the sight of the strange creature standing before them. It is perfectly normal even if, to them, you are not.

Teaching English in China. Interview with Michael Tieso
Art of Backpacking’s Michael Tieso answers questions about his time teaching in Xi’an.

Roni Gets Harassed by Teenage Girls
Mindful of the repercussions, Roni Weiss takes a zero tolerance view when a 13 year old starts calling him her boyfriend.

Summer Camps & Activity Centres
Summer Camp Notes: The Day Vegemite was Banned
An American summer camp can consider itself lucky it is still standing when it gets between Australians and their inferior Marmite substitute.

Teaching at a Musical Summer Camp in Korea
Christine Ka’aloa coaches and directs Korean students in the performing arts.

Employed! Katie the Nanny
Katie prepares for her first day in charge of two German children.

Writing, Blogging & Photography
My Journey: Self-Published to Big Publishing Deal
Torre pinches herself, then slaps herself around the face before accepting she is awake and has hit the big time when her self published book is picked up by major publishers and Hollywood.

Travel Writing Corner: Interview with Jeremy Head
Nellie Huang asks Jeremy Head how he broke into travel writing and his advice to others wanting to do the same.

Is the Travel Blogging Lifestyle Really That Great?
On his own site this time, Jeremy presents the downside to working as a digital nomad and learns what happens when he pokes at a few sacred cows.

How I Make Money and Afford to Travel
Nomadic Matt, one of the big beasts of the travel blogging industry, puts into writing how he pays the bills.

Running a Business
Foreigners Living in Peru: Australian Café Owner in Cusco
One of the owners of the popular Jack’s Cafe in Cusco answers questions about running a business in Peru.

ATC Abandones the Cube and Opens a Bar
Cube abandoners Lauren and Mike take over a cube sized bar in Beijing.

Acting & Film Extra
Our Moment of Fame in Bollywood
After the stars have walked the red carpet the extras try to spot themselves in the film.

Medical Trials
Behind the Scenes of a Pharmaceutical Drug Trial
J M Cressman has his veins emptied and his stomach filled when he volunteers to help test a new drug.

Volunteering & Gap Year
Trail Building: A Volunteer Experience for Nature Lovers
Sarah Palmer describes three trail building projects in the USA.

Singing Aloud and Volunteering in Banos, Ecuador
Melissa Ruttanai describes the activities of the Biblioteca Interactiva de Baños.

Volunteering in Eastern Europe at a Bear Sanctuary in Romania
Natasha wins a competition to become a volunteer at a home for over 50 brown bears.

Volunteering at Mr T’s Organic Farm in Vang Vieng, Laos
Not far from the alcohol buckets and tubing of Vang Vieng is the organic farm of a Laotian biologist where Penny Atkinson spent some time teaching English, milking goats and building a mud house.

People Smugglers, Misplaced speedos and Ravenous Carp – Volunteering with a Difference in Thailand
Simon Busch, writing in MSN Travel, speaks to volunteers in Thailand.

WWOOFing & Organic Farms
A Different Breed of Nomad
Tiffany and Greg interview Robyn who worked on an organic farm in Rarotonga.

3 Things I Learned from WWOOFing in Serbia
Beth and Randy enjoy the regional cuisine, culture, customs and homemade wine that are among the benefits of volunteering on an organic farm.

WWOOF: Organic Farm Exchanges
Car-guy Ian explains the concept of WWOOFing to Jocelyn Broyles.

To WWOOF or not to WWOOF That is the Question
Erin questions whether a black thumbed city girl can make a go of WWOOFing.

In Which I Become a French Cowherd
Kelsey learns that cows have an ankle phobia when she herds five of them (and Bruno the Bull) through the French countryside.

Fruit Picking & Farm Work
Today I’m a Strawberry
Matthew Lech describes a day on a fruit farm.

Housesitting & Home Exchange
A Day in the Life of a Housesitter
Christy and Kali wake up in German suburbia to a day of incompetent mouse rescuing.

The Manor – in Photos (part 2)
The Hecktics are temporarily to the manor born.

A Week in the Life – Day 1 – Travel and Work
This time the Hecktics shoot some video of their housesitting gig in Brussels.

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