Workers of the World #4

Workers of the World #4

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

Various & General Working Abroad
Live Chat! From Cruise Ships To Kabul With Long Term Traveler Wandering Earl
Foxnomad Anil hosts a live chat with Wandering Earl where some of the conversation covers working on board cruise ships and other ways to make a living abroad.

Stories from Backpackers: Working in Australia and New Zealand
Six travellers describe how they paid their way down under including bar work, housekeeping, digital marketing and appearing nude for a documentary.

Teaching English
Teaching English at Siyuan University in Xi’an, China Review and Guide
Michael Tieso offers his opinion on working for a Chinese University.

Staying Sane While Teaching English Abroad
Writing for Art of Backpacking, Jessica Watson provides some tips from her experiences teaching in Bangkok and Phnom Penh.

4 Tips Before Signing the Contract
Nomadic Samuel divies up some tips on negotiating the last, crucial step for landing a teaching job abroad.

How to Teach Around the World
Caz Makepeace presents an overview of working abroad as an English language teacher.

Lessons Learned From Teaching in Thailand: Respect Knowledge
This time as a falang teacher, Caz learns from her students in Thailand.

Doing a Working Holiday in Central or Eastern Europe
Guest writer Roy worked in Prague.

Lost in Korea: Introducing Kissairis Munoz
The Lost Girls begin the chronicle of Kissairis Munoz, an English teacher working in South Korea.

Things I Wish I Knew Before Teaching in China
Though she did many things the right way and avoided some of the horror stories of teaching in China, Lauren presents her list of things she wished she’d done a little differently.

Korean Job Hunt 101
Daegu based English teacher, Waegook Tom’s tips for securing a good job in South Korea.

Strange Lands: Interview with Rachel
Rachel answers questions about teaching in South Korea.

Summer Camps & Activity Centres
Summer Camps
Joe spent two summers working at camps in California and Missouri.

Au Pairs & Nannies
My First Week as an Au Pair in France
Poor Jana Fadness spends most of her first week au pairing either locked in or out of doors or driving around in circles.

Writing, Blogging & Photography
Making Friends with Chaos
Little did Xenia Elsaesser expect when she took her modern language year abroad in Bolivia that she would become a co-founder of an English language newspaper.

Sex and the Magic Secrets to Getting Published
Torre DeRoche strokes her moustache and contemplates putting a pen in her vagina before confiding the reasons behind landing her book deal.

The Business of Running a Popular Travel Blog
Gary Arndt provides a peek behind the scenes of his leading travel blog.

Reality of Living & Working on a Deserted Beach
Robs describes the Pros and even thinks up some Cons to working by the sea.

18 Reasons Why Chiang Mai Makes a Perfect Digital Nomad Headquarters
Randomly throw a ball in Chiang Mai and chances are it will hit a travel blogger. Erin, of Never Ending Voyage, explains why the city is so popular with digital nomads.

Essential Reads for Digital Nomads: Blog Edition
On her own blog this time, Erin takes some pictures of Simon in front of a laptop and arranges them among a list of articles useful to digital nomads. We do much the same thing here but with far fewer pictures of Simon.

Notes on not (yet) making a living as a freelance writer in Phnom Penh
Lauren Quinn gets an article published about not writing published articles.

So You Want to be a Pro Blogger in the Travel Business
Dave and Deb, who bill themselves as Canada’s Adventure couple, are two of the most successful travel bloggers. Here they detail what is required to succeed in this business.

The Story of How I Became a Full Time Travel Blogger
Runaway Jane tells how she went from in debt student to pro blogger.

Web Development
Nomadic Interviews: Christy & Kali of Technosyncratic
Christy and Kali use their internet business to fund a lifestyle that has taken them around the US in an RV, housesitting in London and living in Thailand.

Running a Business
One Month In: The ATC Bar
A month in to taking over a tiny Beijing bar, Lauren and Mike show us some pictures.

Interview: A Guide for Visiting Palestine
Fred Schlomka set up Green Olive Tours to guide tourists around refugee camps, social enterprises and settler communities in the Palestinian West Bank.

Volunteering & Gap Year
Top Career Break Destinations for 2012
Meet Plan Go ask their event hosts to choose their destination choices for the coming year.

A Week-In-The-Life of Dorothy: Volunteering in the Cook Islands
Octogenarian traveller Dorothy Conlon describes her first seven days volunteer teaching on a Pacific island.

Learning to Speak English
Ayngelina spends a week in Spain with 24 other English speakers creating an environment for Spanish students to learn her language.

They gave me a machete: a true story of corn-cutting
Diana hacks away at a field of corn.

Volunteering Abroad: Don’t Go With the Big Companies
Louise Mayman wonders where the money paid to gap year companies actually goes.

If I Were a Chick, This is How I’d Volunteer
Even though he is a fella, Mark Wiens offers some advice to female volunteers.

Volunteering – Is it Worth the Money?
Volunteering your time and effort can be expensive. Neil gives his perspective from volunteering in India, Sri Lanka and South Africa.

Volunteer Sports Coaching in Sri Lanka
From getting out of bed to a casio wristwatch alarm to going to bed covered in mosquito repellent, Neil describes his day.

Volunteering Isn’t Just Teaching English
Sherry Ott has volunteered in Jordan and Lebanon. Here she suggests alternatives ways to impart your skills beyond just talking.

Volunteering in Banos – 30 Kids and 100 Soda bottles
Jack and Jill use empty plastic bottles and the power of imagination to keep a horde of children quiet in Ecuador.

Volunteer in Iceland, Travel for Free
Wade Shepard received free food and accommodation in exchange for carving steps into the side of Eldborg volcano.

5 Tips for Volunteering Abroad
JoAnna Haugen’s advice includes research and cultural sensitiveness.

When Travel Becomes More Than Sunbathing and Drinking
Sofia writes about her friend Sanna, a volunteer in Rwanda.

Volunteer and Paid Opportunities in Southeast Asia (Free) – Places, Like Thailand, Cambodia and Laos
Avril connects other travellers to volunteer gigs as a self-appointed volunteer head hunter.

Why I Recommend a Gap Year Over Uni
Chris weighs up the options, quickly says screw Uni and opts for a year out.

7 Things I Learned at German Helpx
A guesthouse worker in Germany ponder smudges and the differences between British and German beds.

Rowleth End Guest House – Our First Help Exchange
Help X helps more travellers find work in a guest house, this time in England.

Yes, I am in Albania
Peace Corps volunteer, Meredith, spent a year in Albania.

Day 31-43 Tanop Community Education Centre
The Baigrie family describe the facilities and duties for volunteers at this Cambodian school.

WWOOFing & Organic  Farms
Questions to ask a WWOOF Host
Kelsey suggests some questions to ask to the farmer in who’s house you may soon be living.

Solo Travel Options: WWOOFing in Japan
Sean volunteered on an organic farm in the coastal village of Uchinoura, on the south island of Kyushu.

Volunteering Gone Waaayyy Wrong and 10 Tips to Avoid a Bad Volunteer Experience
Lash has a bad WWOOF experience in Florida.

Stephanie Usry, WWOOF
Stephanie picked grapes, apples and basil on a farm in Italy.

Der Bauerhof
Goat sheering and scythe wielding were two of the tasks entrusted to this WWOOFer.

WWOOFing in New Zealand
Rebecca Morley recounts her experiences on three farms in New Zealand

House Sitting & Home Exchange
Housesitting in Europe
More advice from experienced house sitters Dalene and Peter Heck.

Expert House-sitting Advice from Author Teresa Roberts
The Jet Set Citizen interviews the author of Finding the Gypsy In Me – Tales of An International House Sitter.

Portraits of WWOOFers in Tuscany, Italy. Part 1
The first in a three part series of photographs of WWOOF volunteers.

How to Sail Around the World on a Luxury Yacht
Liv’s advice for working your way around the world’s seas.

How to Sail Around the World on Somebody Else’s Luxury Yacht
Tiffany and Greg reveal their techniques for boat hitch hiking.

Studying Abroad
Studying in China with Rebecca Liu
Rebecca answers some questions about studying for her degree in Beijing.

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