Workers of the World #5

Workers of the World #5

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

Various & General Working Abroad
What You Need To DJ Around The World
Michael Tieso finds most of his gigs at expat bars and passes on his recommendations for the hardware and software needed to DJ as you travel.

Singapore for Grads and the Working Holiday Pass
Serial expat Edna Zhou’s guide for anyone who may be thinking about moving to Singapore to find work is especially relevant to new graduates.

How I Made Money While Travelling
Vicky Philpott is currently the editor of the Hostelbookers blog and has written for many publications but in the past she has worked at English immersion camps in Spain and summer camps in America.

The Travel Life of a Flight Attendant Based Overseas
Nomadic Samuel quizzes his Thai friend on her job.

The Ordinarily Extraordinary Life of a British Expat and Assistant Manager of SAE
Helena Houghton worked in the Lima clubhouse of South American Explorers, where she dispensed advice and help to passing travellers.

Beware of Strokers
Turner describes the people who flip the script on a timeshare salesman’s ass.

24 Hours in the Life of a Cruiseship Employee
A day from Caro’s three month contract working as a kids’ club worker at sea.

How on Earth Did I End up in Egypt?
Claire’s journey from adventure tour leader to owning a travel company and guest house in Dahab.

Setting Off For Another Adventure in France
An English woman writes about her experience as the head of housekeeping in a chateaux in Normandy.

How to Travel the World and Get Paid as a Superyacht Stewardess
it is estimated that around 33,000 crew are working around the world on superyachts. One of them writes about it here.

Ski Resort Jobs
Living, Working and Playing in Banff National Park (Or Any Other Canadian Mountain Town)
Jonesy presents a humourous picture of what she, her friends, family, and the locals think she does in Banff.

Teaching English
Slow Travel Germany: George on How Teaching in a Little German Village Changed Her Life
Despite her initial disappointment in not being placed in a lively city, Georgina Young’s English language assistant job in Rodenbach led her into the life of travelling slowly and teaching she enjoys today.

Saying Goodbye AGAIN: The Annoying Heartbreak of Being a Teacher That Nobody Warns You About
A modicum of stability means, for once, it is others flitting in and out of MaryAnne Oxendale’s life.

Gretchen: Teaching in Iraq after Korea Leads to a Book Deal
A $39,000 credit card debt and good wages entices Gretchen to take a teaching job in Iraq.

(Real) Japanese Schoolgirls
Jana Fadness admonishes anime nerds and describes what Japanese schoolgirls are really like.

Newbie EFL Teacher Comes Up For Air…
Some thoughts on starting a whole new career in Saigon.

How to Get a Job Teaching English Abroad
Michelle interviews her friend Leana as she was preparing for her teaching position in Taiwan.

Teach English in Korea – Interview with Nomadic Samuel
Nomadic Samuel tells us more about arranging an English teaching job in Korea.

Teaching English in Vietnam Vs South Korea
Nicky compares the weather, the children, pay, hours and overall lifestyle of two countries where she has taught English.

Summer Camps & Activity Centres
Oops, You’re Fired From Summer Camp
Lucy Harper describes what happens if you fuck up at camp.

Almost Fired in my First Week at Summer Camp
Vicky Philpott pole dances on a tractor.

Au Pairs & Nannies
The Time I Was an Au Pair in Europe
After a poor start, Amanda’s au pair job helped immerse her in to Italian culture.

Writing, Blogging & Photography
An Open Letter to Aspiring Travel Bloggers
Gary Arndt castrates a unicorn and stomps on a rainbow in his efforts to tell it like it is.

An Open Letter to Travel Who Want to Make Money
Nomadic Matt Kepnes takes Gary’s unicorn ball and runs with it.

The Dream of The Unplugged Vacation
What looks like a holiday to her friends is business as usual for Suzy Guese.

How Much Money Can A Travel Blog Make? My Story
From almost snatching the arm of the first advertiser that offered him $60 to $2500 a week, Johnny Ward provides some solid figures from his own journey as a travel blogger.

Is Microstock Photography a Viable Source of Income for a Traveller?
Though he admits to making only micromoney, Brendan van Son does pay half of his monthly food bill through shooting stock images.

My Routine for 12 Hour Work Day: Travel Blogger Version
An average day in the life of Runaway Juno.

Last Day at Work, First Day as a Freelance Writer
A special day for Miruna Corneanua.

Web Development
Two Great Jobs To Have Online and Work On The Road
A couple of ways to stay away from the office.

Nomadic Interviews: Tom & Jenny of Till The Money Runs Out
A brief meeting with two fellow travellers inspires Simon Fairbairn and Erin McNeaney to start their own app business.

Running a Business
Building the Dream in Peru’s Cloud Cocoa Land
Tatiana and Andrew Bruton’s long standing dream came true when they finally opened their hostel in a remote Peruvian valley.

Selling Sugar Cane in Ethiopia
For an initial investment of 50 cents Leif starts a sugar cane business in the tourist filled village of Lalibella.

Volunteering & Gap Year
What the Heck Am I Doing With My Life?
Adam Pervez is a serial volunteer and, among many other things, has cleaned dog cages at an abandoned dog shelter, done menial tasks at a nursing home, helped publicise an organisation that turns used bikes into human-powered machines, and built a website for an indigenous Mayan co-op.

A Volunteering Honeymoon in Zimbabwe
Not long after Craig Young got down on one knee to propose to Kim they heard the tiny patter of… um, great big lion paws.

When Love is Louder than Language – A Day at Casa Mea
Kurt and Dayna are honest with themselves that volunteering for a day won’t change much but they still made a small difference in the lives of seven children at a home in Romania.

Helping Hand: Building Schools on your Travels
Ed Rex looks back to his time as a volunteer in 2007 where he helped rebuild after the destruction of the Lord’s Resistance Army in northern Uganda.

Voluntourism: Helping or Hurting?
A Canadian TV show discusses the topic.

Volunteer Travel in Indonesia
Heather Boylan used her experience to train teachers in South Sulawesi.

The Kids of Ngong Hills, Kenya
Despite finding that volunteering abroad wasn’t as easy as she thought, Angie Orth finally had the opportunity when she visited Kenya.

Beacon: Blists Hill Victorian Town
James Carpenter dresses up as a Victorian for the day.

A Week-In-The-Life of Inge: Volunteering in Costa Rica
Inge sheds some insight into seven days of her life as a volunteer at a Zoo.

Fruit Picking & Farm Work
My Working Experience in Australia
Disappointed not to run into any hot TV lifeguards on Bondi, Sara turned to WWOOFing before she landed a paying fruit picking job in Shepparton.

A Summer Job in California’s Marijuana Fields
Derek heads into the mountains to take on a less than usual picking job.

WWOOFing & Organic  Farms
First time WWOOFing!
You have to start somewhere and for Mark that somewhere is New Zealand.

Organic El Salvador
Mike and Ashley Lenzen hooked up with an El Salvadorean-American couple who established their organic farm four years ago to help local kids.

House Sitting & Home Exchange
Where to Stay – For Free Around the World
Erin of Never Ending Voyage relates her, and husband Simon’s, experiences of cadging free accommodation across the globe.

How to Travel the World and NOT Pay for Hotels
We’ve featured quite a few house sitting posts by Dalene and Peter Heck. Here’s another.

Housesit on Your Next Vacation
Just back from her latest house sitting gig in one of America’s most expensive cities, Maggie Wells presents her etiquette tips for house sitters.

10 Tips for Landing the Perfect House-Sitting Gig
A some-time Caribbean island resident thanks to house sitting, Nora Dunn follows up on her Wisebread colleague Maggie Wells’ advice by suggesting ways you can get your own house sitting gig.

How to See the World by House Sitting
Betsy Talbot writes her post from someone else’s cosy, top floor flat in an old building in Brussels.

How to Secure a Crew Position Aboard a Yacht
Seasoned sailor Amanda Anderson’s tips for crossing oceans adventurously, cheaply and safely..

Studying Abroad
Home Sweet Oman
Emma, a 16 year old American exchange student who chose to spend a school year in Oman, realises that the country has become her home.

What’s it like to study in the Netherlands?
Anna McGrail, writing in the Guardian, describes the perks of going Dutch.

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