Workers of the World #6

Workers of the World #6

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

Various & General Working Abroad
Ask the Experts: Where Should I Spend my Australian Working Holiday?
STA answer a question.

Finding a Job in Greece: the Pink Palace
From the Sperm-cuzzi to the naughty Norwegian cougars looking for fresh meat, Turner observes the staff working at a Corfu institution, the Pink Palace.

Animation – An Adventure Job Abroad
The honest and sometimes brutal facts for everything you need to know about the life of an animator, including answering the question: just what is an animator anyway?

Working in Vang Vieng, Laos
Chris tends bar in Laos’s backpacker central which he describes as like a summer camp for people ages 18 to 30, but with a ton of cheap alcohol.

Bartending Down Under: What I’ve Learned
Caroline Eubanks takes on the Aussies at their own game.

Ski Resort Jobs
Things I Wish I’d Known Before Working a Ski Season
Don’t do a ski season for the cash; do it for the hungover days on the hill, meeting a ton of awesome people is Fiona Tulloch’s advice.

Teaching English
Facing Discrimination in China
Jeannie Mark finds that despite being Canadian and speaking English as her first language, when it comes to teaching English her Chinese face doesn’t fit in China.

Notes on Working in China (the Bossing-Teachers-Around Edition)
MaryAnne Oxendale is in charge now.

Teaching English in Sumatra, Indonesia: The Unexpected Gifts
Lisa Egle presents a TEFL workshop to 35 Indonesian English in Western Sumatra.

15 Generic EFL Student Comments to Save You Time
“NAME can sometimes be lazy during written assignments or working in a group; where HE / SHE will do the minimal possible,” though the same can be said of the teacher using this list.

Conversations In A Classroom Of Boys
Before she got her head around the Korean accent, Audrey Bergner spent a blissful three months unable to comprehend her students’ comments on her hair and shoes and recommendations on where to buy poison.

Teaching in Thailand: I Want to Sex You
Abi Ellis makes an impression at her school.

Summer Camps & Activity Centres
Messages From Deep Space Camp: An Employee’s Space Camp Job Review
The inside scoop on everything space camp.

Au Pairs & Nannies
How to Get a (Good) Au Pair Job
Amanda follows up on her experiences as an au pair in Rome with some tips.

Writing, Blogging & Photography
What Making a Documentary Feels Like – Post-Production Edition
A snapshot into Drew and Christine’s efforts to distil over 100 hours of footage into their documentary, The Wireless Generation.

Adventures in Epublishing with Wild Junket Magazine
Nellie Huang and her husband Alberto tell Jeremy Head about their venture into digital magazine publishing.

How We Got Started as Digital Nomads
Erin and Simon reveal the influences behind Never Ending Voyage and how they are able to remain permanently on the road.

Case Study: How To Win A Resident Blogger Gig
Jane Meighan leverages her blog into a paid writing job and makes her mum proud.

How I Can Still Afford My Life Of Constant Travel
How Wandering Earl’s income earning activities have evolved from teaching English in a park in Thailand and working on a cruise ship.

Writing Travel Articles on Spec: Why It’s Not Necessarily a Bad Thing
David Whitley suggests it is sometimes worth a gamble to sell our writing.

The Definitive Guide to Making Money with Your Travel Blog
Alex Ritter, who manages the business side of Travelated, describes the methods he used to attract over $15,000 in 2011.

Vlogging: An Alternative Way to Make Money
Cosmo’s tips for making money with Youtube.

Running a Business
Finding Quellomayo
When even the local police force don’t know they exist, Andrew Bruton realises it is going to be an uphill battle getting tourists to find his organic farm and hostel in a forgotten town near Cusco.

Volunteering & Gap Year
The Selfishness of Teens: Volunteering in Salta
After volunteering with Cloudhead Art in Salta, Victoria and Steve feel teenagers unfairly get a bad press.

The Zombie Chase – Part 2
Amy and Andrew rampage around London after brains.

When Travelling, Be Very Careful Where You Volunteer
A cautionary note for those looking to do good.

Read This Before You Voluntour – Part I
Bert Archer, a travel writer for the Toronto Standard, finds out more about the voluntourism business.

Life at our Workstay
Caro and Matt earn free room and board in exchange for helping out at an eco hostel in Portugal.

A Very un-Gap Yah African Adventure
Gap Yah’s Matt Lacey volunteers at a lion park in South Africa.

Persuasive Reasons to Volunteer Abroad
Some reasons to volunteer.

What Does A Volunteer Manager Do?
Abbas Hussain writes on the person charged with getting the most out of a volunteer workforce.

What it is Like to Volunteer on Skomer
Sandra Young reflects on her weeks’ volunteering with birdlife on Skomer Island, off the coast of Wales.

Helpx: Volunteering a Different Way
George worked for food and accommodation in Australia.

Talking jobs – Interview with a Volunteer
After joining Conservation Volunteers Australia before she left America, Lauren Noble helped plant trees in a nature reserve in Geelong, removed old fencing on a property near Warrnambool and visited Phillip Island to remove woody weeds.

Volunteering at SAELAO in Nathong, Laos
Where the hell is Rory? I don’t know but early in 2012 he was volunteering on a project just outside Vang Vieng.

What’s Wrong With Volunteer Travel?: Daniela Papi at TEDxOxbridge
A Youtube video that dwells on the negative aspects of voluntourism.

A Day in the Life: Peace Corps Volunteer
Caroline Eubanks interviews Melanie Chamberlain on her experience in Senegal.

To Gap or Not to Gap?
Rather than going on a year long backpacking holiday, Sarah took a placement with the Year in Industry scheme and spent ten months working at the Royal Institution of Great Britain.

What Not to Pack for a Volunteer Construction Project
Noa Glow finds that Lululemon Capris and a spaghetti-stringed top don’t cut it when volunteering with Habitat for Humanity.

How To Prepare To Volunteer Abroad
Jessica Festa’s tips include connecting with past volunteers and learning the culture of the country you will be volunteering in.

Gap Year Case Studies: Ski Instruction in Austria
Dearden Jameson worked a season as a ski instructor after taking a BASI accredited gap course.

Volunteer for a Day ~ Santa Emilia, Nicaragua
Travellers from all over the world volunteer for a day to teach kids art.

WWOOFing & Organic  Farms
Farm Life in Northern California
With an interest in one day living sustainably on her own farm, Kirsty Henderson learnt about growing food and farm life in Boonville, Mendocino County.

How to Travel and Work Around the World with WWOOF
Sophie McGovern tells Nomadic Matt Kepnes about her experiences including making goat’s cheese in Tuscany and volunteering in the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest.

House Sitting & Home Exchange
An Insight Into Inn Sitting
Skott and Shawna looked after a soon to be opened hotel in the highlands of Panama.

Top 10 Reasons To “Sit” Through Retirement
Angela Laws points older travellers in the direction of house sitting.

How to Get Free Accommodations (and Paid Jobs) on Boats
Nora Dunn lived and sailed on five boats in two months. In return for helping out with business ventures, cooking meals or just providing an extra set of helping hands she got a bed and fed.

Studying Abroad
The Gonzo Traveller’s Irritatingly Irreverent Guide to Studying Abroad
Will Peach admits he is debased scum for having run abroad to try and better his employment prospects.

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