Workers of the World #7

Workers of the World #7

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

Various & General Working Abroad
Dream Travel Job: How Edna Got a Gig at the Olympics
After gaining experience by volunteering for other sports events, Edna Zhou earns herself a paid job at the London Olympics.

A Day in the Life of a Teen Entrepreneur
Bethany Looi is a teen who works as a virtual assistant to internet marketers.

The Truth About My Time in Myanmar
Bessie Crum reveals the difficulties in her job recruiting teachers from around the world to volunteer in Myanmar.

How to Become a Tour Guide
After spotting an advert on the internet in September 2010, Caitlyn O’Dowd starts leading tour groups around Europe for Busabout.

Starting Life as a Tour Guide
David Hutt describes his first week leading tourists up and down volcanoes near Leon, Nicaragua.

An Animator in Italy…
Arriving skint in Italy after an invitation to stay with a friend she met in Honduras leads Angela into dancing in front of a room full of children.

Working on a Cruise Ship. Number 1
With her experience as an animator in the bag, Angela landed a job working on a cruise ship around the Caribbean.

Interview With a Bartender
TNT speak with Marianne van der Kooy, a Dutch traveller who found bar work in a small Western Australian town.

Teaching English
Newbie EFL Teacher Comes Up For Air
The Travel’nLass describes her life teaching in Saigon.

Anatomy of a Teacher Dinner
Lauren sits on the floor and picks at fat-encrusted pork wondering how she can get the hell out of there.

Alumni Spotlight: TEFL Jobs in Brazil
Anna and her husband try to find work in Florianopolis.

Stop Rubbing It In My Face
From clothes dryers to eavesdropping, here are some of the things missed by a teacher in Taiwan.

Something Different – Jermaine Justice on Parent Effectiveness Training in China
An interview with Jermaine Justice who went to China to teach English but ended up doing something else.

Au Pairs & Nannies
Au Pair Abroad: 4 Stories of Travel and Cultural Immersion
Brooke Schoenman interviews au pairs working in the USA, the Netherlands, Italy and France.

Writing, Blogging & Photography
From Blog to Magazine: Our Story
Nellie Huang shares her story on how they created their digital magazine.

How to Publish an iPad Travel Magazine
Frommer’s Mark Henshall talks on the ethos behind Overnight Buses Travel Magazine to Travel Blather’s Jeremy Head.

How to Get Published: Tips for Budding Travel Writers
The editor of Vagabundo Magazine, Brendan van Son, provides five tips to help sell our travel writing.

How I Became a Travel Writer
Everyone arrives at the job of travel writer by a different path. Matt Gibson leads us down his.

The Secret Lives of 7 Digital Nomads
Seven travel bloggers tell STA’s Ant Stone what it is like to be able to work at the beach.

Interview With Travel Writer and International Student Sara Kate Egan
Pola Henderson speaks to Sara Kate Egan on studying in Krakow.

The Single Most Important Piece of Advice for Freelance Writers
David Whitley suggests travel writers build a reputation for reliability.

Our Adsense Authority Site Failure
The Adsense Flippers try something different.

Running a Business
Starting a Business in Norway
Settled in Norway, Andrea shares some information on her new business launch.

Volunteering & Gap Year
The Thrill of the Run – It’s a Dog’s Life
As someone who once sat in a shopping trolley and shouted ‘mush’ only to receive a withering look from a friend’s husky, I read with envy the results achieved by these volunteers at a Siberian husky centre in Austria.

Unique Travel with HelpX
Talon Windwalker asks Mike and Ashley Lenzen about their experiences volunteering through HelpX.

Volunteer with Elephants at Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park
Anni finds volunteering is probably the most effective way that non-scientists can get involved with these incredible animals.

Voluntourism: Sometimes it Works – Part II
Toronto Standard reporter Bert Archer continues his investigation into the voluntourism business.

Volunteer Project: Humboldt Garden Collective
Amy, a former volunteer outreach coordinator for a large non-profit, tries to develop her green thumb in California.

Issues with Orphanage Voluntourism
Brittany Edwardes argues there are better ways for untrained volunteers to help orphanage children than working directly with the kids.

The Reasons I Advocate Volunteer Work Exchanges
Kurt shares his personal experiences with volunteer work exchanges in Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia and Belgium.

Why a Gap Year Should Come to America
Americans still have a way to go when it comes to matching Europeans and Australasians in taking a gap year. Katie Aune suggests reasons why taking time out is a good thing.

How to Travel for Free: The Workaway Program
Adrian Phillips suggests Workaway is a better way to remain abroad than selling an organ or smuggling drugs.

Settling into Life in Baños, Ecuador
Kim and her husband spend three weeks in the Andes mountains promoting literacy and the arts to local children.

Memoirs of a Grizzled Expat 8: The Dilemma of Helping Vulnerable Street Kids
Andy Ahmed finds that other expats, irresponsible parents and the possibility of accusations of being a paedophile make it difficult trying to help street children in Cambodia.

Get Your Boots Dirty: Volunteer Overseas
Josh Martin skipped the safari and resorts to volunteer for two months in Ghana.

Helping Local Volunteers Help Haiti
Kirsty Henderson reports on a locally developed project in Haiti that helps other members of their community.

A Birthday Wish
Em volunteers at a deaf school in Kaifenga, China.

Volunteer in Bolivia at a Children’s Center (Interview Part I)
The founder of a children’s centre in Bolivia answers questions about her project.

Why You Shouldn’t Participate in Voluntourism
Richard Stupart runs through some of the arguments against voluntourism.

Live Chat: Everything You Want To Ask About Taking A Career Break With Expert Sherry Ott
Anil Polat and readers of Foxnomad fire questions at Meet Plan Go’s Sherry Ott.

WWOOFing & Organic Farms
Volunteering On A Vineyard in the Spanish Pyrenees
Emma Higgins finds she now knows far more Spanish words for construction tools than the average visitor to Spain.

House Sitting & Home Exchange
Living For Free In Paradise
As a seasoned aficionado of house sitting porn I swear I recognise  Zeus and Zara, the German Shepherd dogs Meg and Tony looked after in Koh Samui.

How to Become a Yachtie!
Superyacht stewardess Katie Wilter encourages us to join the yachting industry.

Katie Wilter
This time Katie answers questions posed by The Stewardess Bible.

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