Workers of the World #8

Workers of the World #8

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

Various & General Working Abroad
Who Needs A Comfort Zone Anyway? Building Character Abroad: The Employment Edition
A lack of certificates, references or experience and an excess of red tape all held MaryAnne Oxendale back in her native Canada, but in China her options are far greater as it is assumed she can swim when thrown in the deep end.

How to get Paid to Backpack around Europe
Caitlyn O’Dowd writes about becoming a tour guide.

Biggest Night Ever
On every Greek Island he visits every bartender, bouncer and bar owner knows his name as leading a group of young Australians John O’Sullivan has the power to make a bar owner’s night.

Dancer: DanceAmi, Cruise Ships and Holiday Parks
Melanie answers questions on how she makes a living as a dancer.

Three Weeks In India…A Recap Of My First Tour
Wandering Earl presents his thoughts after leading his first tour.

Bar Work
Working for Peppermint Bars at Festivals
Vicky Philpott gets into festivals without paying.

Ski Resort Jobs
Working at a Ski Area
Twenty-two years after quitting her teaching job in favour of a year ski bumming, Kim Kircher is still working the slopes and shares her tips for becoming a seasonaire.

Teaching English
Miss Ellie takes pictures of her class as they graduate.

Teaching English Abroad: A Guide to Studying, Qualifying and Doing
An in-depth guide to becoming an English teacher.

How to Teach English Abroad
Adventure Rob has kept himself abroad and fed by standing in front of a group of strangers and talking.

Teaching in China: the Ins and Outs
Jeannie Mark explains the bureaucracy involved in getting a teaching position in China.

How to Find a Job in Japan
Kizzle admonishes her cousin and sets about providing advice to those wanting to work in Japan (and even offers a little help for those who want to teach in South Korea).

Teaching English Overseas: How Finding Your Own Students Can Really Pay Off
With less travel to work and higher fees Connor Davies realised he enjoyed private teaching on the side more than his main job.

Writing, Blogging & Photography
How to Really Make Money from a Travel Blog – An Overview of 14 of the Biggest Names in the Industry
The likes of Chris Guillebeau, Gary Arndt, Matt Kepnes and Anil Polat reveal their moneymaking strageties.

Zanzibits: My First Travel Blogging Presentation
Vicky Philpott stands in front of a class of children to extol the virtues of WordPress.

What Makes a Good Digital-Nomad Destination?
Roger Wade, who maintains his own website Price of Travel from Turkey, assesses the key requirements for a good digital nomad destination and makes his recommendations.

It’s Not All Beaches and Cocktails: The Reality of Being a Digital Nomad
With hotel rooms designed for sleeping, not working, and the bright sun shining on the laptop screen when he tries to get something done outside, Ollie Rattue wishes he’d stayed at home.

How Kirsty Henderson makes over $5,000 per month selling guest posts on her websites
A video interview with the Nerdy Nomad.

My 10 Year Journey to Becoming a Travel Writer
Though she had always been involved in the industry it is only after a decade that Gina feels able to call herself a travel writer.

How to Make Money While You Travel
A look at some online ways to stay in the black while on the road.

Volunteering & Gap Year
How to Volunteer at a National Park (And Live For Free!)
Veronica and David appreciate how lucky they are to be able to explore the great American outdoors for free through the National Parks Service.

Working With the Wichi People in Salta
After visiting an exhibition of photos by Wichi children, Victoria and Steve went to Salta to meet the couple that provided the cameras and visit the garden building project funded by sales of the photographs.

Volunteering at Quellomayo
Lucy Graham dropped in on an Anglo-Peruvian family living near Machu Picchu to help on their farm.

Tea and Mud Houses: Life on a Turkish Farm
Caro and Matt reach a professional standard at laying mud.

Phangan Animal Care (PAC)
Ross Fairgrieve shoots a video for a charity dedicated to caring for the stray animals of Koh PhaNgan.

Volunteer Accommodation – What to Expect
Neil, who has volunteered on sports projects in Sri Lanka, India and South Africa, provides an insight into where volunteers rest their heads after a hard day’s work.

Travel Like a Local – Work Away!
Some more information on the work exchange network.

Volunteering in Colombia: Can You Make a Difference in Two Weeks?
Karen asks the question when she and her husband went on a volunteer vacation.

Short-Term Volunteering in Cambodia: Some Questions
With so many places in Cambodia offering the orphanage volunteer work experience to travellers, Travelfish suggests that despite the best intentions your contribution might not benefit everyone.

A Typical Work Day
Tammy and Chris chart their day working for a NGO in Cambodia.

Volunteerism: Be the Change You Want to See in the World
Tammy Lowe tells us more about her role placing Cambodian graduates in marginalised communities.

Gap Year Case Studies: Website Development in Australia
The Telegraph speaks to gap year participants whose work experience abroad has helped them on their chosen career path.

I’m not a Bitch, I Just Play One in Senegal: Part 1
Melanie Chamberlain threatens to slice the boss’s balls off and learns how to backtrack when a radio is broken.

Volunteering Abroad: My Story About Volunteering At Angel House in Seoul
English teacher Caroline Hosey joins a co-worker volunteering at a community home for people with disabilities.

Singing Aloud and Volunteering in Baños, Ecuador
Though technically not volunteers, Melissa Ruttanai and her husband Neil were invited to join travellers and expats from around the world in helping Ecuadorian children learn English.

How To Network While Volunteering Abroad
Brittany Edwardes suggests volunteering can aid your professional development.

Volunteering in Mexico: A Day With the Women of Teotitlan
Katie Boyer visits women’s groups near Oaxaca.

WWOOFing & Organic  Farms
A Breakfast Made For WWOOFing – Foodgasmic Tales From The Road
Exhausting manual labour helps Tony Rulli to conjure a little piece of food porn.

Volunteering on a Vineyard in Spain
Emma Higgins writes on her own site about her volunteer stay in the Spanish Pyrenees.

Travel and Discover Rural Reality with WWOOF
WWOOFing from the perspective of a host farmer.

Bamboo Canes and Cannabis Plants
Dawn finds out in France that the WWOOF network attracts the odd eccentric.

House Sitting & Home Exchange
Photo(s) of the Week: The REAL Reason Why We Housesit
A giant cuddly teddy bear of a dog stars in this photo feature by the Technosyncratic people.

Adventures in Housesitting
After some 450 days taking care of other people’s properties, Dalene and Pete Heck share some of the crazy situations they’ve gotten into while housesitting.

Yachting: Where to Begin
Arielle Jordan gives her advice for bagging a berth as paid crew on a private yacht.

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