Workers of the World Weekly: April 14, 2017

Workers of the World Weekly: April 14, 2017

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

What is it Like to be a Tour Leader?
From visiting their clients in hospital to sex and getting free drinks, Claus is forthcoming about the life of a tour leader.

How The Hell Do I Afford To Travel?
Amélie has used numerous ways to keep herself in the world, including teaching yoga and freelance graphic design.

That Festival Feeling: Part I
Over the summer she spent in Australia, Mimi had the chance to volunteer at multiple music festivals across the country.

Is It Easy To Get a Job Teaching English In South Korea?
Scott Herder and Megan Indoe found it easy to find well paid jobs in South Korea, where they managed to save $30,000.

What Does an Au Pair Do?
Au pairs look after someone else’s children, silly. But that’s a pretty general and obvious answer so this au pair explains what that really means.

Saving Zakynthos: 5 Reasons to Volunteer with Earth Sea and Sky
Nam spent a month volunteering with a turtle conservation group in Greece, inspiring her friend to do the same. Here she tries to inspire us too.

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