Workers of the World Weekly: April 22, 2015

Workers of the World Weekly: April 22, 2015

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

Working Holiday Resources
Caroline Eubanks puts together a great list for those interested in a working holiday abroad.

The House Hunters International Experience
Lucky, Penelope and Diana Edelman are followed by a camera crew as they look for an apartment in Chiang Mai.

Video: My Korean Apartment Tour. Teach in Korea EPIK
Christine Ka’aloa used her own camera to take us around her former Daegu residence.

What’s it actually like to Teach English in Vietnam?
Getting the job was the easy part for Amy Blyth compared to learning how to teach and control a class of 50 noisy children and adapt to a new culture.

What Are Ya Doing Chad?
Chad tells us what he was up to last year when he was volunteering in a backpackers hostel in Belfast.

Earning Abroad: Canyon Guiding in India
Alex interviews Lee Vine, who led treks in Goa’s Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary.

Volunteering at Elephant Nature Park in Thailand
Volunteering at the Elephant Nature Park alters Mindy’s life long after leaving ‘Team Poop’.

For real and current vacancies for working abroad, visit the Jobs Abroad Bulletin.

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