Workers of the World Weekly: April 7, 2017

Workers of the World Weekly: April 7, 2017

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

I’ve Waitressed in the US and Australia, Here’s Why Oz is Way Better
Rebecca Bellen explains why, though she possibly made three times less in Australia, she still didn’t miss serving in the States.

13 Tips to Begin Your Journey as a Traveling Yoga Teacher
There are several ways to be a travelling yoga teacher, says Sarah Cavrak, even if you are a newer teacher and don’t yet have a solid following of students.

The Customer is Not Always Right
When people are losing their stuff, having strokes, or airlines are on strike, then you need to be a problem solver, not a Walmart greeter, says tour guide Claus.

How I Moved To Spain To Teach English
Sonja shares the journey of how she came to be in living in the south east corner of Spain, in a city called Almería.

Free Accommodation: Turn House Sitting Pro in 3 Months
Tom and Megsy quickly went from paying to stay in a filthy hotel in India to sought after house sitters.

Working Holidays: 5 Things to Consider Before Applying
Working holidays have become a popular way to travel but there’s also a downside. With countless host farms now listed online, it’s no surprise that some are taking advantage of volunteers. Grace Harding goes through some of the things that first time volunteers should consider before applying.

For real and current vacancies for working abroad, visit the Jobs Abroad Bulletin.

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