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Workers of the World Weekly: August 4, 2017

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

Could You Live Off a Dive Instructor’s Wage on Roatan?
Rika gets a lot of emails from people asking what dive instructors make on Roatan and how much it costs to live there. In one blogging swoop she answers them.

Farm Work, Not Just a Bad Experience
The pay wasn’t great, the job was hard and the accommodation wasn’t the best, but Valentina Sheridan thinks back to the four months working in the fields in Gatton, Australia, with a smile.

Life Without Sunlight in the Arctic
Life in The North is something you cannot even begin to fathom until you live it, says Sammi, who worked in a village straddling the Finland Sweden border. Her work routines could mean some days she worked barely four hours, some days almost 20, and almost constantly through the darkness.

Glorified English Babysitting
Having, for some reason, been given a 60 day business visa when she applied for a tourist visa, Richelle decides to use it to teach English in China to cute little crazies.

HelpX in the Middle Earth at Judith and Martin’s Place
Aurélie and Franck are invited into a home in New Zealand where they clean red wine off a wedding dress and fix a henhouse.

Teaching Children vs Teaching Adults
There are a few crucial differences between how and why children and adults learn.

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