Workers of the World Weekly: December 15, 2017

Workers of the World Weekly: December 15, 2017

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

How To Get A Job As A Seasonaire In A Ski Resort
If you are interested in working a ski season, Helen Coffey tells us everything you need to know about the roles you can apply for, which resort will work best for you, what to expect from the recruiting process, and how to nail the interview and bag your perfect position.

5 Life & Money Truths Anyone Who Worked As A Summer Camp Counselor Knows
Summer camp jobs vary a lot, but Laura Marie thinks that the intensity of the job experience is pretty universal, and it can teach a person what kind of job environments might help them thrive in the future.

Sustainable Farm Living
Planting and harvesting vegetables, feeding the animals, constructing a cob wall (made of mud and straw), making homemade tagliatelle, building a bonfire, and making tomato preserves are all skills that Fiona learned while working on a sustainable farm in Italy.

Why We Teach English Abroad
Janine and Ryan believe that teaching English is a really great way to combine work and travel as there is a huge demand for teachers worldwide.

5 Ways to Use Music in Your English Class Even if You Can’t Sing
If you are trying to bring your English class to life, Kia suggests that you use music as a teaching tool.

6 Tips for Finding an Apartment in Spain
If you are searching for accommodation in Spain, Lorena provides advice to make your task easier.

For real and current vacancies for working abroad, visit the Jobs Abroad Bulletin.

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