Workers of the World Weekly: December 23, 2016

Workers of the World Weekly: December 23, 2016

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

Voluntourism Harms, Not Helps, The World’s Orphanage Children
Georgette Mulheir puts forward the argument that well intentioned Westerners do more harm than good, with voluntourism one of the causes of family break up in very poor countries.

Everything You Need to Know About Doing a Season on the French Alps
Based on her experience working at Alps d’Huez, where her minimal experience speaking French got her a job with a UK based company, Canadian backpacker Alison Karlene provides a quick how to guide to working a season.

How to Extend your 1 Year Australian Working Holiday Visa
Applying for your Australian Working Holiday Visa and already have a sneaky suspicion that you’re going to want to stay longer? Don’t fret, Steph has already done it and shares her advice on extending your visa.

Cruise Ships’ Answer to Lonely Ladies: Gentlemen Hosts
Ann Brenoff investigates the role of Gentlemen Hosts, employed by cruise ships to make sure older single women don’t feel alone at sea on a Noah’s ark full of paired off couples.

Volunteering and Yoga in Nelson B.C.
Chelsea and Andrew head to Awesome View Road to work on Chuckleberry Farm.

Can You Make a Lifetime of Long-Term Travel Work? Tips for Working Abroad…
Experienced working traveller Nina Ragusa tells SEA Backpacker how an average girl from Florida is able to travel the world.

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