Workers of the World Weekly: December 29, 2017

Workers of the World Weekly: December 29, 2017

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

15 Best Internships in Europe for 2018-2019
If you are searching for a programme that matches your career goals with the benefits of an internship in Europe thrown in, Go Abroad offers 15 of the best Internships on offer for 2018-2019. They strongly advise that you read reviews, reach out to programme alumni, and really do your research to find the best fit for you.

The Social Systems On Board a Superyacht
A superyacht is a unique environment where a young international mix of nationalities live, work and play together for months on end, usually in the service of one of the wealthiest people in the world.

How Annina Came To Canada To Learn English And Ended Up As A Horse Guide
Annina tells us that combining classroom learning with practical ranch life made her Canadian experience very special.

Why I Gave Up a $95,000 Job to Move to an Island and Scoop Ice Cream
If you’re constantly thinking you need a vacation, Noelle Hancock says maybe what you really need is a new life.

Teach English in Taiwan Interview With Carrie Kellenberger
From finding her first teaching job in 2003 through Dave’s ESL café to owing her own international recruiting agency, Carrie Kellenberger is well placed to explain how low birth rates in Taiwan effect the job market, how much a new teacher can save, or whether you should head straight to the country and try to be hired on the spot.

A Week In The Life Of An Elephant Nature Park Volunteer
Lucy recommends including a volunteering placement in your travels and believes it is one of the best decisions you could possibly make. She describes her time at the Elephant Nature Park, near Chiang Mai, as life changing.

For real and current vacancies for working abroad, visit the Jobs Abroad Bulletin.

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